How do I install a new version of Quick Access Popup?

Using the Easy Setup tool

  1. Download the latest version of Quick Access Popup Easy Setup file.
  2. Run the setup file. If QAP is already running, the setup program will close it for you.
  3. Follow the instructions. Quick Access Popup will be launch at the end of the installation.
  4. The setup procedure will preserve your previous configuration and data in the QuickAccessPopup.ini and QAP_Frequent.DB files.

Using the portable ZIP file

  1. Download the latest version of Quick Access Popup Portable installation ZIP file.
  2. Quit your current version of Quick Access Popup: right-click the Quick Access Popup icon in the System Tray and choose Exit Quick Access Popup. If you don’t close QAP before executing the next step, QAP will not be updated.
  3. Extract the new version zip file content in the folder where your current version is installed, overwriting all existing content. Do not worry: this will NOT overwrite your settings in QuickAccessPopup.ini and your dynamic menus data in QAP_Frequent.DB because these files is not part of the ZIP file. All your settings and favorites will be preserved.
  4. For your information, a text file was added to your folder with, in its name, the version of the installed version (for example: QAP-v11_2.txt). You can delete this file as it is not required to run QAP.
  5. Restart Quick Access Popup by double-clicking the executable (.EXE) file of the new version. Choose the 32-bit or 64-bit version depending on your system: QuickAccessPopup-32-bit.exe or QuickAccessPopup-64-bit.exe.
  6. If you enabled this option, the shortcut in your Startup folder is automatically updated and will launch the new version when you will restart Windows.