How do I move a favorite or a submenu to another submenu?

You can edit a favorite, open the Menu Options tab and select a new submenu in the Favorite parent menu list.

But a quicker way, in the Customize window, is to select the favorite (or multiple favorites with Shift + Click or Ctrl + Click) and hit the Move button or press Control + M. You can move submenus or groups as well, using the same techniques.


In the Move Favorites dialog box, select the new submenu for your favorite(s) and the position in this menu. And click the Move button.

How can I gather numerous favorites in a clutter-free popup menu?

If your QAP menu gets too long, divide and conquer! Gather your favorites by types, subjects or projects in submenus. To add a submenu, in the Customize window, click the Add button and, in the Add Favorite Type dialog box, select the Submenu radio button.

  • In the Basic Settings window, give your submenu a name.
  • Optionally, you can also:
    • enable the Sort menu automatically and select the sort criteria;
    • have this menu reopen after you launched one of its items (select Close this menu when you don’t need to open another favorite);
    • disable or hide this favorite;
    • have this menu displayed automatically after QAP startup.
  • In the Menu Options tab, you can select an icon for your menu.
  • You can choose the size of the icons inside this submenu. For each menu, the dropdown list Size of icons in this menu allows to:
    • select a custom size (from 16 to 64 pixels) for this menu;
    • inherit the size from the parent menu;
    • use the default size from Options, Menu Icons dialog box;
    • choose to display no icon in this menu.
  • You can also assign a shortcut that will allow to open this specific section of your menu by hitting a shortcut, without having to browse from the main menu.

This will create an empty submenu named My Project Submenu. You will see below how you can move existing favorites to this new menu or how to add new favorites to it.

Submenus can be nested in submenus at will. For example, in the screen shot above, the Final Report is a submenu of My Project Submenu.

To move a favorite from one menu to another, click the Edit button or double-click the favorite name and, in the Menu Options tab, select the new menu in the Favorite parent menu drop down list and choose the favorite’s position in the list Insert the favorite before this item.

To add a new favorite in a submenu, you can also open this menu in the Customize window and select the new favorite position before clicking on the Add button.