Video – Save thousands of clicks (2 min.)

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Video – First steps with Quick Access Popup (9 min.)

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Presentations videos

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How to make your life so much easier?

Comfort of use

Confused by all these Windows tools and applications having different ways to give access to your content?

Unlike other utilities, Quick Access Popup is available across ALL windows programs giving you uniform access to your important stuff.

Your software is how Windows SHOULD work! I use it every day, all day”
Richard Tidd

A ton of clicks saved

Always searching the right folder in Open or Save As dialog boxes?

Quick Access Popup instantly changes folders in Open and Save As windows to one of your:

  • currently open folders;
  • recently folders;
  • frequently used folders;
  • pre-configured favorite folders.
QAP provides a relief, really, a great relief every time an Open/Save dialog box comes up.

All your work at your fingertips

Want to find back quickly documents or folders you used recently?

Quick Access Popup does a better job than Windows giving you instant access to your recently & frequently used files & folders.

Perfect application! Saves time and makes working a lot easier with just a single click.

Time saved

Repeatedly typing the same pieces of text on and on?

Quick Access Popup can instantly type text based on a short code or hotkey triggers.

QAP not only substantially increase my productivity, it has a positive ergonomic effect.
Jim S.

Well organized documentation

Your work deserves better organization?

QAP allows you to organize your work in a way that makes sense to you. Not some arbitrary way based on file/folder location.

Download Quick Access Popup now!

Get Quick Access Popup at a low cost subscription or one-time fee. Or try it with the free version. Download, execute the Easy one-step installation setup file and just follow the setup instructions.