What’s new in Quick Access Popup between v10.1 and v10.4?

Here is a summary of new features and improvements in v10.4 and other recent releases:

Copy submenus and groups

The QAP Customize window now allows to copy a single or multiple submenus or groups and all their contents (moving submenus or groups was already possible). Use Shift+Click or Ctrl+Click to select multiple items. This allows you to make a backup of a submenu or to create a submenu as a template and make copies with some changes in them.

Furthermore, when copying or moving favorites, QAP will add the suffix “[!]” to the name of items of the same name that would already exist in the destination submenu or group (instead of aborting the copy/move operation as before).


The QAP Search tool has been completely rewritten in this release. It is now easier to search for favorites and to take action on the found items. The new Search tool is described in detail in the page: Can I search inside my favorites?

In the search result, you can easily edit, copy, move or delete individual or multiple favorites using the buttons on the right side. The new menu item Search All Favorites under the Tool menu displays all favorites in the search result, allowing to sort them by various column. You can select the new option Search results with edit dates and stats
columns under the Customize Window section of the Options dialog box to display additional columns in search result with date modified, date created, last usage date and usage frequency.

You will find new buttons on the left side of the search result to Sort the found items by any column, the View menu button to open a temporary popup menu with the favorites currently in the search result and the Open submenu button to open the submenu containing the selected item.

Various improvements in v10.4

Browsing submenus and groups is easier with the Previous arrow and the new Next arrow allowing to browse backward and forward in already visited menus, groups or search results (see #3 in the illustration above). You can also use the new hotkeys Shift+Ctrl+Left to return to previous menu and Shift+Ctrl+Right move forward in an already visited menus.

When saving a new, edited or copied favorite, QAP will now alert you if an existing favorite in any submenu has the same location and some other properties. This can avoid unnoticed duplicates but you still have the choice to keep the duplicate favorite if you need it.

Finally, a few bugs introduced since release v10 has been fixed. And the Russian language has been added to the Language list under the General section of the Options dialog box.

Improvements from versions v10.1 to v10.3

For snippets users, you can easily create a new item from the Windows Clipboard using the new Snippet Quick Add dialog box. In one step, the content of the Clipboard is proposed as default values for the content and the name of the new snippet. More info.

The new QAP feature Window Always on Top toggles the “always on top” property of the selected window. More info.

For Total Commander users, the active folders in the TC’s left and right panes are now included in the Current windows and Reopen a Folder dynamic menus. Also, they are available when using the Reopen Current Folder in Dialog Box feature. More info.

For more advanced users, two new placeholders can be used in Snippets or favorites file paths: {Input:prompt} asking user an input when the favorite is launched and {Now:format} with various date formats. More info.

When using QAPmessenger to open the QAP menu from a batch file or an external program with parameters ShowMenuLaunch or ShowMenuNavigate, you can now insert a parameter to indicate which menu to show instead of the default Main. More info.

In Options dialog box, Popup Menu tab (illustrated beside), the mouse trigger exclusion list (blacklist) can now be treated as an inclusion list (whitelist) that would block the mouse trigger in all applications windows except those in the list. More info.

The Alternative Menu Hotkeys section of the Options dialog box now allows to assign various keyboard hotkeys for the Alternative menu features (Open in new window, Edit a Favorite, Copy a Favorite’s Path or URL, Run as administrator, Open the Containing Folder in a New Window and Open the Containing Folder in the Current Window). More info.

Many other minor improvements and bug fixes described in the QAP change log.