What’s new in version 9?

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(2018-04-23) Here is a summary of changes in version 9.

Here is a summary of changes in Quick Access Popup version 9


An hotstring is a small sequence of characters used as trigger to expand an abbreviation into the full text of a Snippet (auto-replace) or to launch any type of favorite. A new Hotstrings section is added to the Menu Options tab in Add/Edit Favorite dialog box.

“Hotstrings are a very useful new feature. Its much easier to remember short alias strings for snippets compared to a lot of hotkeys.”

– Horst

More info: FAQ hotstrings


Scheduled refresh

A new option to refresh periodically the Live Folders menus and Shared Menus. During the short refresh period, the QAP menu is not available.

Set the Interval between refresh (seconds) in Menu tab of Options windows. The minimal interval is 30 seconds and the recommended interval is 300 seconds (5 minutes) or more. Use the check box Beep before and after refresh (debug) to help estimate the time required to refresh the menu.

More info: Can I schedule automatic menu refresh for Live folders and Shared menus?


Tree views when adding QAP features and Windows Special folders

In the Add/Edit Favorite dialog box, the long drop down lists to select QAP Feature or Special Folders has been replaced with a new tree view lists with items grouped by categories.

You can double-click an item in the tree view to add immediately the new QAP feature or Windows Special folder to your menu or set other options in the Menu Options tab before adding it.

For QAP Features, you also see a brief description on the right side and in most cases, above it, a link to a FAQ page about the feature.

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Settings window improvements

1) Use the new Sort button on the left side of the Settings window to Sort all or selected favorites in list. Sorting stops at the first line separator or column break, if present.
2) Use the new Move button on the right side to move one or multiple favorites to another sub menu (no more need to edit a favorite to move it to another menu).
3) The Hotkeys button has been moved to the bottom of the window and now has two distinct labels: Shortcuts to manage shortcuts and Hotstrings to open directly the Hotstrings tab.

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Extended Search in favorites

In the Settings, you can search by keyword across all your submenus. By default, the Search tool only filters favorites based on their name.

Using the new Extended Search option beside the “Search” text box, the search now covers more metadata: it checks for the keyword in favorite type, shortcut text, hotstring trigger, location (file or folder path), snippet content, FTP login and advanced settings Parameters and Start in folder.

More info: Can I search inside my favorites?


Sort Live folders

A Live Folder is a submenus built and refreshed based on the folders or documents contained in the Live Folder. You can now sort these submenus in the Live Folders Options tad of the Add/Edit Favorite dialog box.

You can sort Live Folders by file name, extension, size or modified date, ascending or descending. The default sort order remains by file name alphabetically.

More info: What are the advanced options for favorite folders?


Close computer QAP Features

Quick Access Popup gives you full control on how you close your computer or your screen.

With the new QAP Feature Close Computer Control Center, you can Power down, Shutdown, Restart and Logoff, Sleep or Hibernate, with various options. You can also Turn monitor off, Put monitor in low-power mode or Start screen saver.

In addition, individual QAP Features allows to launch any of these the commands directly from you menu.

More info: Can I control how my computer is closed with QAP?


Adding favorites

The QAP feature Add Favorite and Add this Folder or Link now add the favorite by default in the submenu where the QAP feature was launched.

This is also true for the twelve new Add Favorite – Type QAP Features that open the Add Favorite dialog box with a pre-defined type.

This allows you to add to a submenu dedicated to a given type of favorite an easy way to add favorites of the same type in this menu.

Also, the position of the new favorite can now be set accordingly to the options When adding automatically, add a favorite at… top or bottom of the menu. This option is in the Menu tab of the Options window.

More info: What are the QAP features?


Other new QAP Features

  • The Close All Windows QAP feature displays a list of all the windows of running application where you can close all or selected windows in one click.
  • Open the QAP menu in a file dialog box (Open, Save As, etc.) and click the Reopen Current Folder from Dialog Box QAP feature to open a new Windows Explorer window and load the folder that is currently active in a dialog box.
  • If you switched to a settings file other the default QuickAccessPopup,ini file with the feature Switch Settings file, you can now revert to the default settings file with the new feature Switch to default settings file.
  • Various QAP features are added for existing commands that were available only in QAP System menu in the Notification zone (Tray menu). Now these features can be added to any submenu: Restore Settings Position, Check for update and Edit Settings file.

More info:
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Keyboard shortcuts (internal changes)

Shortcuts management has been simplified in v9. These changes allows to create various shortcuts for the same location (with different options for the same location). This was not possible with previous versions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you upgraded to a QAP version greater than v9.0 (or beta release v8.7.1.92), you should not revert to an earlier version. If whenever you need to do it, backup your shortcuts info because shortcuts will be lost when you return to the earlier version.


Thanks to all translators, localization files has been updated for these languages: Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Chinese should be on its way. Unfortunately, Sweedish language had to be removed since it was not updated since v8.0.

History of all changes

See: Change log.