Most frequently asked questions from Folders Popup users

Thank you for doing the transition from Folders Popup (FP) to Quick Access Popup (QAP). I worked nine months (part-time!) on this major upgrade and I hope you will appreciate the new features.

Everything has been made to make the transition as fluid as possible. However, there are a few changes in QAP that you will need to get used to. In general, these changes has been made to make the app simpler or safer to use.

First, see this summary page:
What’s new in Quick Access Popup compared to Folders Popup?

Upgrading and converting your Folders Popup settings

(Update February 2019) Up to version v9.4.1.3, the QAP “Easy Setup” installer included an option to convert your FP settings in order to import them in QAP. This option as been removed in more recent releases. More information here: I’m upgrading from Folders Popup. Can I import my favorites and option settings?

Changing folders in file dialog boxes

No, it is not broken 🙂 The main QAP triggers (middle mouse button or Windows+W) can change folders in all software that use the standard Windows file dialog boxes (Open, Save As, etc.). However, this feature must be enabled in Options (first tab General, first option of left column).

For the rationale behind this change and for more information, please read: Can I change folders in file dialog boxes (Open, Save As, etc.)?

The main QAP hotkey is now system-wide

This is the main difference between FP and QAP. In FP, the main QAP hotkey (by default, Middle mouse button or Windows+A) was active only in file dialog boxes (File, Open, Save As, etc.), Windows Explorer and other supported file managers.

QAP being multi function launcher, its hotkey can now be used over any type of window. While working in an application, you can now launch another application, or a document, web site, FTP site, etc. using always the same hotkey and without having to switch to a file window to launch these favorites.

But what can you do if you need the middle mouse button in other applications? There are two options: if you need it only in some apps, you can exclude applications in the OptionsExclusions list tab (more info in Can I block the QAP menu trigger if they interfere with one of my other apps?). But if you want to preserve this button in all applications, you can choose another hotkey in OptionsMenu Hotkeys tab.

Personally, it took me only a day or two to get used to it. But after I excluded one app (my text editor) and worked with it a few days, I appreciate being able to launch any favorite at any time.

Other changes

Finally, for a list of all changes from FP to QAP, read: What’s new in Quick Access Popup?

For questions, please use the Support and feedback comment form.