Can a submenu be updated live with the content of a folder?

In QAP, this feature is called a Live Folder. To turn a regular favorite folder into a Live Folder, click the Live Folder Options tab and check the Live Folder (including subfolders) checkbox. This turn your favorite folder into a submenu containing the actual content of the folder.

Set the Number of subfolder levels to include in Live Folder menu. Subfolders will be displayed as submenus. Choose a sort criteria and sort order. By default, Live Folders are sorted alphabetically.

You can choose to Hide in menu the Icons or the File extensions. If you show icons, you can set their size with the dropdown list Size of icons in this menu:

  • select a custom size (from 16 to 64 pixels) for this menu;
  • inherit the size from the parent menu;
  • use the default size from Options, Menu Icons dialog box;
  • choose to display no icon in this menu.

You can also choose to include or not  Hidden or System files in this Live folder menu. If your Live Folder contains many items, you can display its menu in multiple columns. Set the Number of items per columns (0 for no column break) depending on your screen size.

You can see on the following screen capture a Live Folder submenu. The My Project Folder opens a submenu with, at the first position, an entry to open the folder itself and, below, the three subfolders in that folder. This Live Folder menu can be open using the shortcut Shift + Control + P.

Finally you can also include documents in your Live Folder. If you check the Include documents option, by default, all documents are included. You can select which files are included or excluded using the Include or Exclude radio buttons and the text box below to list:

  • extensions separated by spaces (for example bak bk);
  • wildcards expressions separated by spaces (for example: *.bak "my file??.ext" *copy*.*);
  • or a regular expression with “Regex:” (for example: Regex:i)^\Qabc\E.*\Q.docx\E$).

If you include documents in a Live Folder menu, you can choose to Exclude folders. If there are multiple levels of folders, folders are excluded only in the deepest level’s menu. 

This second example shows a Live Folder with two levels of subfolders and including documents (for this screen capture, icons size was reduced to 16 px).In the Customize window, Live folders are identified in the Type column.

Note: Take care not to overload your QAP menu with Live Folders. Windows menu are not designed to handle very large number of items. There is a default limit of 500 items in QAP Live Folders. This limit is there to protect you against too large number of items that could make QAP unstable, including hanging it. You should see Live folders as a way to put the most used big branches of your file system into your QAP menu and use your file manager or the file dialog box to navigate into the smaller branches and leaves.

Can I schedule automatic menu refresh for Live folders and Shared menus?

Yes. In Options, Menus Advanced Options tab, check the Enable Scheduled QAP Menu Refresh option. This options refreshes the Live Folders menu and the Shared menus. Set the interval between each refresh (in seconds). Keep in mind that the refresh momentarily disables the popup menu. Minimum interval is 30 seconds and recommended interval is 300 seconds (5 minutes) or more.

The check box Beep before and after refresh enables a short beep that is played at the beginning and the end of the refresh interruption. This helps decide at what frequency schedule the refresh. Do not forget to turn this off when you are set.