[Tips] Pass the current folder as parameter to an application launched with QAP

In this tutorial, you will see how to launch an Application favorite with its working directory set to the current folder open in Windows Explorer. You will see that this can be done in two ways:

  • you can pass this folder as the Start In folder (take note that not all applications will use this setting);
  • or you can pass the current folder (or any part of it) as a command-line parameter.

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[Tips] Using Windows system variables in your favorites

Windows system folders are usually located in standard locations. But this is not always true. For technical users who often have to browse these folders, Windows contains a list of predefined locations saved as system variables. For example, %TEMP% stands for something like: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Temp. In addition to being constant on every system, these system variables also offer the advantage of being shorter to type.

Quick Access Popup supports Windows and DOS system variables in various favorites options. In this tutorial, you will see:

  • how to insert system variables in favorites location, start in folder and parameters;
  • in addition, you will see how to use the parameters property to launch DOS commands from the command-line (CMD).

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[Tips] Launch your browser to search for the text or URL in your clipboard

In this tip, you will make two favorites work together inside a group. When a group of favorites is selected in the menu, its favorites are launched sequentially. In this example, the first favorite will launch you preferred browser and the second one will paste the content of your clipboard to launch a search (with Google or Bing, for example, as configured in your browser).  This tip will also show you how to assign a keyboard shortcut to a group.

Note: Since v9.2, QAP allows to put the content of the Clipboard as a parameter for Application favorites using the {Clipboard} placeholder. The example in that page shows how to search for the clipboard using this placeholder. However, the tip in this page has the advantage of allowing to search for text in the Clipboard OR to open the URL in the Clipboard. Also, it shows you how a group and a little macro snippet can increase the possibilities of QAP.

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[Tips] Browse folders in CMD or PowerShell

In this tip, you will see how QAP can help system administrators and power users change folders instantly in Windows command line (CMD) or PowerShell. This trick is very simple but frequent users of these tools must not ignore it! You will also see how to add the various flavors of these tools to your QAP menu and how to make them run with or without administrative privileges.

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[Tips] Filling a web form using Snippets

See here the video tutorial Joe Glines and I did to illustrate this tip.

You have tedious web forms to fill every day or every week? Some smart forms and browsers will memorize all or part of the info you entered in a previous session. But what if not? Lets make some fun out of it and fill your web form in a snap with Quick Access Popup!

In this tutorial, you will learn how to

  • create a Snippet of type Macro;
  • enter the instructions to fill the form automatically;
  • launch your snippet to fill the form in one click in the QAP menu.

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