What's new in v10

Here is a summary of new features and improvements in Quick Access Popup version 10 (to be released at the end of summer).

QAP v10 Settings compared

Settings window improvements

The Settings window has been lightened to give close to 50% more room to the favorites list. Many commands previously available from buttons has been moved to a new menu bar. The File, Favorite, Tools, Options and Help menus giving access to all QAP commands are available at the top of the Settings window and in the QAP system menu (right click on QAP icon in Notification zone).

Also, to give more space to the favorites list, the Search box has been moved "under" the submenus dropdown list and can be revealed using the Search button when you need it. Finally, new keyboard shortcuts has been added: Ctrl-O to open the Options, Ctrl-E to open the Edit favorite window and Ctrl-Right to change to the selected menu or edit the selected favorite.

Other enhancements of the Settings window include:

  • edit QAP features names in menus, using the default localized name only if name is empty;
  • the Search box now filters items from current menu instead of from the top menu (main);
  • in the tree view, when adding or editing QAP Features and Special Folders favorites, a new node at the end display All Special folders or All QAP Features in alphabetical order.

Renewed Options window

Over time, the QAP Options window has become quite busy. The new Options window now provides an improved usability thanks to sections tabs displayed on the left hand of the window. Existing options has been regrouped under the tabs: General, Settings Window, Menu Icons, Menu Appearance, Popup Menu, Popup Hotkeys, Alternative Menu Hotkeys, File Managers, Snippets and Hotstrings, User Variables and Database.

More advanced options and some previously options found only in the quickaccesspopup.ini file are now available under the Menu Advanced Options, Launch Advanced Options and Various Advanced Options tabs.

Various improvements
  • a new option under the Settings Windows section opens the Settings window automatically at startup. This option is enabled by default for new users and off for upgrading users;
  • for new installations, the default Settings Folder is now under My Documents\Quick Access Popup" (instead of user's AppData folder);
  • the Settings Folder can now be changed in Options, General section, with a dialog box asking if user wants to copy actual settings to the new folder or use the settings already found in this new location (or create new settings in this folder if it contains no settings files);
  • refresh dynamic menus (Clipboard, Current Windows, Reopen a Folder, Drives, Repeat Last Actions, Frequent Files, Frequent Folders, Recent Files, Recent Folders, Directory Opus Favorites and TC Directory hotlist) when they are part of a submenu open using a keyboard shortcut or an hotstring;
  • support environment variables (like %TEMP%) in location for temporary folder, working folder and backup folders.

New donor code

If you made a donation for Quick Access Popup v9 (or earlier), first, thank you again ! Now, you will have to upgrade your code for QAP v10. This new code is now matched with the sponsor name displayed in the message at the bottom of the Settings window.

To receive your new code, send me an email following these instructions.

Internal changes

Finally, you won't see it but the internal data structure of favorites and menu has been completely rewritten using "object oriented data model" techniques (using classes, etc.). This took most of the time devoted to QAP v10 but this will make code maintenance and addition of new features easier in the future.

Please use the new QAP Support Forum to ask questions or post comments.