How do I enable Total Commander support in Quick Access Popup?

Quick Access Popup is fully compatible with Total Commander, a very popular file manager program written by Christian Ghisler, in Switzerland. Total Commander (TC) replaces Windows Explorer and integrates lots of features, including file compression, FTP capabilities, folder syncing and much more.

Quick Access Popup is aware of TC capabilities and utilizes them via TC internal commands to offer seamless and reliable integration.

Total Commander support

  • Automatic (but optional) enabling of Total Commander support if the software is found on your system.
  • Seamlessly change a TC window (any pane or tab) to user favorite folders, recent folders or special folders (My Computer, Network Neighborhood, Recycle Bin, etc.).
  • Integration of Total Commander Directory Hotlist.
  • Easily add the folder currently displayed in a TC window to you favorites with the Add this folder menu.
  • Restore groups of related folders in desired tabs and sides.
  • Adapted support for special folders and FTP sites in TC.

How-to enable Total Commander support

When you start it, Quick Access Popup checks if TC is installed on your computer (looking for the file TOTALCMD.EXE or TOTALCMD64.EXE). If it is found, it asks if you wish to enable Total Commander integration. If you answer Yes, it records the TOTALCMD.EXE file path in the Settings, Options dialog box.

If TC is installed in a folder not found by Quick Access Popup, you can manually enable integration by browsing to your TOTALCMD.EXE or TOTALCMD64.EXE file in the Options dialog box, File managers support tab.

In order to integrate the TC Directory Hotlist in QAP, set the TC wincdm.ini file location in Options, File Managers tab. If the TC Directory Hotlist menu has not been added automatically when you installed QAP, go to the Settings window, click the Add button and select QAP Features. In the Add Favorite window, select TC Directory Hotlist in the QAP Feature dropdown.

At this time, the Reopen a Folder and Switch are not yet integrated with TC and will not include folders open in TC. These features will include folders open in Total Commander after a new command in Total Commander will allow to improve the integration in Quick Access Popup (more info here).

What file managers are supported in addition to Windows Explorer?

In addition to Windows Explorer and Windows command line utilities Console (or CMD) and PowerShell, Quick Access Popup provides extended support for popular Explorer replacement applications Directory Opus and Total Commander and support for about 15 other file managers, many of them being freeware.

You can select you preferred file manager in the Options window, tab File managers support.

Directory Opus support (DOpus)

  • If installed on your system, Directory Opus is detected automatically when at QAP's first launched and you can select if you want to use it as your primary file manager when QAP opens a folder in a new window.
  • Changing folders in an existing DOpus lister is supported for both regular and special folders (My Computer, Network Neighborhood, Recycle Bin, etc.).
  • The list of folders currently open in DOpus are automatically included in the Switch and Reopen a Folder QAP features.
  • Quick Access Popup is fully compatible with the new Directory Opus version 12!
  • More info here: Using Quick Access Popup with Directory Opus.

Total Commander support (TC)

  • If installed on your system, Total Commander is detected automatically at QAP's first launched and you can select if you want to use it as your primary file manager when QAP opens a folder in a new window.
  • Changing folders in an existing TC windows is supported for both regular and special folders (My Computer, Network Neighborhood, Recycle Bin, etc.).
  • Integration of TC Directory Hotlist in QAP menu (the TC wincmd.ini location must be set in Options).
  • More info here: Using Quick Access Popup with Total Commander.

QAPconnect: Universal File Managers Support

  • QAP also supports a list of about 15 file managers described in the setting file QAPconnect.ini based on a list developed by Roland Toth ( for Folders Popup.
  • There is no need to install an addon to use these file managers in QAP.
  • First, make sure the info for your file manager is accurate in QAPconnect.ini: the directory must be the one where your app is installed.
  • To edit the QAPconnect settings file, in the Options, tab File managers support, select QAPconnect and click the Edit QAPconnect.ini button under the dropdown list. Save the file and deselect/reselect the QAPconnect radio button to refresh the list.
  • Then, select QAPconnect and choose your file manager in the dropdown list.
  • Support file managers: A43, Altap Salamander, CubicExplorer, Double Commander, EF Commander Free, Everything, Explorer++, ExplorerXP, Far Manager, FreeCommander XE, IrfanView, Just Manager, MultiCommander, Nomad.NET, Snowbird, SpeedCommander, Tablacus Explorer, UltraExplorer, Unreal Commander, WinNC, XnView, xplorer2 lite, XYplorer & XYplorerFree

[Wishlist] Support VirtualPanel and other file system plugins in TC Hotlist


After discusison on TC forum:
- check the[FileSystemPlugins] section of WinCdm.ini for a variable name (var_name) that would be used in the [DirMenu] section in the following format:
cmd#=cd ///var_name/etc.
(note: I'm using forward slashes here because WordPress tend to remove backslashes from posts - so in the examples in this page, replace forward slashes with backslashes)
- once found, it the value for this variable in [FileSystemPlugins] contains "VirtualPanel.wfx" this is a VirtualPlaner location

At this time, I do not plan to fully support TC file system plugins but at least, exclude the unsupported entries in the TC Hotlist menu in QAP.

[Wishlist] Support target path in Total Commander Directory Hotlist

Suggestion from Horst:
There is one function missing for the TC dir menu. TC allows to also set the target path for an entry but QAP only sets the source path of such entries.

Could you confirm the exact behavior of this feature? Source in left pane and target in right pane?

No, Source in whatever the current active pane is, Target on the other side.
But I guess most users including me would also accept Source on left and Target on right side.


[Wishlist] Option to always open the folders in the running instance

Originally suggested for Total Commander by Horst, but applicable to Explorer and other file managers.

Horst: "I would like a Total Commander option to always use the running instance (/o) even without using the Tab option. Currently I accumulate many tabs which I have to close manualy. I think this will be liked by many TC users to."

Jean: "When you open the QAP menu in a current TC window, it change the folder to navigate inside the current window. If you open a folder using the popup menu from another window, it will open a new tab or a new TC instance. What you want is an option to always change folder the current TC window?"

Horst: "Yes, exactly. I often use the left click from the tray menu and not a pop-up from inside of a TC window."