How do I enable Total Commander support in Quick Access Popup?

This page has been updated for Quick Access Popup v10.

Quick Access Popup is fully compatible with Total Commander, a very popular file manager program written by Christian Ghisler, in Switzerland. Total Commander (TC) replaces Windows Explorer and integrates lots of features, including file compression, FTP capabilities, folder syncing and much more.

Quick Access Popup is aware of TC capabilities and utilizes them via TC internal commands to offer seamless and reliable integration.

Total Commander support

  • Automatic (but optional) enabling of Total Commander support if the software is found on your system.
  • Seamlessly change a TC window (any pane or tab) to user favorite folders, recent folders or special folders (My Computer, Network Neighborhood, Recycle Bin, etc.).
  • Integration of Total Commander Directory Hotlist.
  • Easily add the folder currently displayed in a TC window to your favorites with the Add Active Folder or Web page menu.
  • Restore groups of related folders in desired tabs and sides.
  • Adapted support for special folders and FTP sites in TC.

How-to enable Total Commander support

When you start it for the first time, Quick Access Popup checks if TC is installed on your computer (looking for the file TOTALCMD.EXE or TOTALCMD64.EXE). If it is found, it asks if you wish to enable Total Commander integration. If you answer Yes, it records the TOTALCMD.EXE file path in the Options dialog box, File Managers tab.

If TC is installed in a folder not found by Quick Access Popup, you can manually enable integration by browsing to your TOTALCMD.EXE or TOTALCMD64.EXE file in the Options dialog box. In order to integrate the TC Directory Hotlist in QAP, set the TC wincdm.ini file location in Options, File Managers tab.

If the TC Directory Hotlist menu has not been added automatically when you installed QAP, go to the Customize window, click the Add button and select the QAP Feature type, under the Dynamic Menus category, select TC Directory Hotlist.

At this time, the Reopen a Folder and Switch are not yet integrated with TC and will not include folders open in TC. These features will include folders open in Total Commander after a new command in Total Commander will allow to improve the integration in Quick Access Popup (more info here).


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    There is a new command in Total Commander (SAVETABS) that would allow QAP to add the folders open in TC in the "Switch" and "Reopen" QAP Features menus. But I lack TC knowledge and need help from TC users with some expertise in TC automation (cm_commands, em_commands, activating these commands using messages from an external program.

    If this is you please read this thread on TC forum starting here (this thread started in 2014 but I reactivated it a few days ago to ).


    • Horst

      Hello Jean,
      em_commands should be appended to the file usercmd.ini located in the TC Home dir.
      Below an example from my file which contains 2 em_commands to save all open tabs into a file
      and restore them.
      em_commands are used the same way as cm_commands.
      I suggest adding such commands by your set-up and manually for the portable version.

      Example Usercmd.ini entries:

      menu=Save all tabs to file

      menu=Open tabs from file

      • Thank you Horst. This is exactly what I needed to start this new development.

        I think this setup would be done by QAP when, at its first execution, it detects that TC is installed on the machine and propose to configure QAP to work with TC. Actually, at this step, QAP configures the file manager path, the default for TC option for "/O /T". Updating the Usercmd.ini would be added there (and configuring the wincdm.ini location could also be done at the same time - actually user must do it manually).

        Is it safe to assume that Usercmd.ini is in the same location as wincmd.ini returned by one of these registry keys?

        HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Ghisler\Total Commander\IniFileName
        HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Ghisler\Total Commander\#IniFileName

        If Usercmd.ini does not exist, QAP would create it.

        • Horst

          No, this assumption is wrong for my portable TC installation.
          HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Ghisler\Total Commander\IniFileName
          points to an wincmd.ini file with the following content:


          All other files and usercmd.ini are therefore in c:\tools\wincmd
          Better would be the use of the Environment variable COMMANDER_INI
          But this is of course only available while using TC, so the set-up must be started from TC.
          I suggest check if this variable exists and if not ask user for the location.

          • OK. Got you. It reminds me a discussion we had about the WinCdm.ini file 🙂

            If environment variable COMMANDER_INI is not visible to QAP during first execution, I can check if I can find a value in the registry. In either case, I use the value I found as default location and, if it is not the correct location or if user want to enter a relative path or a path with environment variable, he/she can change the location it in the Options (tab 4, where he sets the TC path). Same could apply for WinCdm,ini location.

      • Another question. I'm calling cm_commands with an SendMessage command using the cm_commands number. For example:

        cm_CopySrcPathToClip := 2029
        SendMessage, 0x433, %cm_CopySrcPathToClip%, , , ahk_class TTOTAL_CMD

        Does em_commands have messaging number? Can they be called using the messaging system?

  • topoto


    I recently found QAP and it looks great, congrats on such good work. I am going to replace my venerable FolderMenu with it...But, TC hotlist integration is not working.

    I add it manually with Add/QAP feature, but the TC menu is empty (only Close option). I have a 'portable' installation of TC (so no registry entries etc), and I have manually enabled TC integration (changing dirs works).

    Any way to troubleshoot this?

  • topoto

    make sense, and works perfectly, thanks!

  • topoto

    hi, after using this for a few days, it is perfectly replacing FolderMenu.

    One small issue I found with TC integration: in my hotlist.ini some of the entries are like this:

    cmd39=cd \\\VP\project1

    where \\\VP is a path handled by a TC plugin: (by the prolific MVV). QAP does not handle this folder ok. Ideally it would invoke TC so that the VP plugin does its thing, probably possible but no idea how (MVV can possibly help, he is very responsive), but if it can maybe it should ignore entries it cannot handle?


    • Thanks for pointing this issue, topoto. Yes, I will first skip those entries. Just to be sure, does all VP entries in [DirMenu] start with "\\\VP\" ?

      MVV already helped me on TC forum. When I will be ready to add this, I will surely ask for his help.


  • topoto

    no, I think default name is different and I changed in somewhere, but don't remember where...So not sure you can use the prefix to test the path...

    • FYI, I just asked questions to MVV about VirtualPanel:

    • Hi Topoto,

      Could you show me what is the content of your [FileSystemPlugin] section in TC,s WinCmd.ini settings file?

    • Hi again,

      On TC forum, MVV said that the commands I invoke to switch folder allow switching to any FS plugin folder w/o problems. There may be another issue. Could you explain what happen when you say the "cmd39=cd \\\VP\project1" does not work?

      • topoto

        I took a snapshot, see

        • OK, got it. The cause of this issue is not what I was thinking. This is because QAP checks if a favorite folder exists before opening it. Because it checks this outside TC with a "regular" If FileExist(...) command, it cannot find the virtual folder and it does not even try to open it (if it was trying, it could open it with TC).

          In the next release, QAP will stop checking if folder exists if:
          1) it is launched from TC Directory Hotlist and
          2) the location starts with "\\\".

          No need for additional coding to support TC file system plugins like VirtualPanel. Case closed 🙂

  • Something new for TC users in beta version v7.4.3.2:

    - Total Commander "TC Hotlist" menu can now read hotlist data when AlternateUserIni parameter is used in [Configuration] section of wincmd.ini

    More info here:

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