Can I install and update QAP silently with Chocolatey?

Thanks to QAP user Nicola Farina, Quick Access Popup can now be installed and updated automatically and silently using the Chocolatey package manager.

To install or update QAP using this tool:

  1. Install Chocolatey
  2. Open a CMD or PowerShell window with administrative rights (see tip below).
  3. Launch the Chocolatey command to install or upgrade the QAP package:
    • choco install qap
    • choco upgrade qap

Put the upgrade command in a batch saved in your Startup folder to have the update command run automatically at every startup of your system.

See the Quick Access Popup package page for more information about the QAP version available. Because of package update and approval delays, it may take a day or two before a new QAP version becomes available on Chocolatey.

Tip: Create a QAP favorite to open CMD as administrator easily. Create an Application favorite, the Application path enter %COMSPEC% (or C:/Windows/System32/cmd.exe) and, in the Advanced Settings, check the Elevate application with administrative privileges option.