Support and feedback

Welcome to the Quick Access Popup support page.

Go to the QAP Support Google Group to ask questions, report bugs, make suggestions or simply give comments.

After more that 2,000 support messages on the Quick Access Popup web site since May 2015, it was time to switch to a support tool more robust and flexible that WordPress comments.

Having reviewed various options, I choose to go with Google Groups. There are lots of platforms, some dedicated to software support, but this platform has the advantages of being easy to use, freely available and flexible enough for my needs.

You do not need to log into Google to view or search the content of this group. However, if you want to post a question or comments, you will have to use a Google account. This being said, you won't need to join the group to post message but if you do it you will have more control on notifications about new messages and various tools to review its content.

Please use the new QAP Support Google Group to ask questions or post comments.