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Quick Access Popup v8
Speed up your work with this multi-purpose launcher and folder switcher! Freeware for Windows.
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Easy one-step installation

  1. Download, execute this exe file and just follow the setup instructions.
  2. Enjoy!

If you get a virus or malware alert from your anti-virus or protection software about Quick Access Popup being a potential threat, this is not the case (you can trust me… or read this setup file anti-virus report by VirusTotal.com :-). Please, also read this post: How can I use QAP if an anti-virus is blocking its download or its execution?.

You can also install and update Quick Access Popup automatically and silently using Chocolatey.

Portable installation

If you prefer to use Quick Access Popup in “portable” mode, download and unzip this file and follow these instructions: How can I install Quick Access Popup to make it fully portable?. This will, for example, allow you to run Quick Access Popup from an external drive or USB key. And don't forget to turn auto-startup on and enable check for updates to stay up-to-date! See the ZIP file anti-virus report from VirusTotal.com.

What's new

Quick Access Popup version 9.1 is now ready with support for Windows Apps (downloaded from Windows Store or pre-installed on Windows 10) and favorites sounds!
Everything you need to know about Windows Apps.
How to play sounds when launching your menu items.

Version: 9.1 (2018-08-10)
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Windows Apps
- support Windows Apps (downloaded from Windows Store or pre-installed in Windows 10, also called Metro Apps under Windows 8, Universal Applications, UWP applications)
- automatically add the submenu "My Windows Apps" to your Main menu with sample of Windows Apps installed with Windows 10 (created only if you run QAP under Windows 10; you can move or delete this submenu if you wish)
- new favorite type "Windows App" in the "Select Favorite Type " dialog box
- adapt the "Add/Edit Favorite" dialog box for a Windows Apps:
  - select the Windows App to add in a dropdown list of Windows Apps installed on your system
  - click the "Refresh" button to include freshly installed Windows Apps
  - select the last dropdown list entry "Custom Windows App" to add manualy a Windows App identifier
  - in the "Advanced Settings" tab, the "Parameter" option is available
  - known limitations: at this time, QAP could not retrieve the "friendly" localized app name and its icon, but you can change the app's name or icon as you wish
  - technical note: the Windows Apps list is refreshed by a PowerShell script running silently; the list is automatically refreshed at QAP launch, unless the [Global] value "RefreshWindowsAppsListAtStartup=0" is added to the QAP ini file
- see: https://www.quickaccesspopup.com/how-do-i-launch-windows-apps-windows-store-universal/
Favorite Sound
- add capability to play a sound after any menu item is launched
- the favorite sound location field is added to "Advanced Settings" tab of "Add/Edit Favorite" dialog box for all types of favorites
- support for sounds from a sound as file (wave, mp3, midi, etc. depending on your system configuration), a system sound or your own sound sequence
- see: https://www.quickaccesspopup.com/can-i-play-a-sound-when-i-launch-a-favorite/
Various improvements and bug fixes
- add QAP Feature "List Applications" used to analyse properties of currently open applications and windows (mostly for debugging use)
- sort favorite in Settings window without considering the ampersand (&) in their names
- optimize "Recent Folders" and "Recent Files" menus refresh when these menus are attached to the Main menu
- fix bug to prevent shared menu file name to be empty or only ".ini"
- set default icons when adding Shared menu from Catalogue
- update links to QAP website from http:// to https:// (Yes! QAP website is now more secure with an SSL certficate.)
- update of all language files, thanks to translators

Also, about previous major release v9...
More info on new features and improvements in v9.
See the recording of our video webinars on Quick Access Popup v9 new features

See version history in the change log.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.


Quick Access Popup is available in: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

  • Quick Access Popup was designed for all* international versions of Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10, both client and server versions, with Explorer windows, File Dialog Boxes (Open, Save, etc.*), Console Window (CMD command prompt) and many popular alternative file managers (* currently with the exception of systems with Russian keyboard layouts)
  • Users of Windows XP and Windows Vista are invited to use Folders Popup, previous version of Quick Access Popup, that is still supported for these OS.

* Quick Access Popup can change folders in software that use the standard Windows file dialog boxes (Open, Save As, etc.). Most software do. See how to activate this feature: Can I change folders in file dialog boxes (Open, Save As, etc.)?

Next? QAP 101: What should I know about Quick Access Popup before I start (and can't stop) using it?


Video - Quick Access Popup Webcast Demo

Video - Quick Access Popup Webcast Demo
(40 min.)

Quick Access Popup Features Overview

Quick Access Popup Features Overview
(2 min.)

Managing Quick Access Popup Menu Icons

Managing Quick Access Popup Menu Icons
(4 min.)

Quick Access Popup Users Comments

Quick Access Popup Users Comments
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