What’s new in v9.1 and v9.2?

Here is a summary of new features and improvements in Quick Access Popup version 9.1 and 9.2.

“In the Works”  and “Frequent Items” menus

With v9.2, QAP introduces the very handy menu In the Works where chances are high that you’ll find the next folder or document you need to work on. This menu regroup two new dynamic menus: Frequent Folders and Frequent Files listing the contents you used the most frequently in the last days or weeks (the period covered can be configured in Options). The In the Works menu also includes the Recent Folders and Recent Files dynamic menus that show the content you just used in the last hours, sorted in the time of usage. Finally, in the Current Windows submenu, it lists the folders and windows currently open on your desktop.

More information: What is the “In the Works” menu and its “Frequent”, “Recent” and “Current Windows” menus?

Video demo: Video – The “In the Works” menu (12 min.)


Placeholders are codes like “{Clipboard}” that you can insert in Snippets content and in favorite’s Location, Parameters and Start In fields (for all types of favorites supporting these options). For example, when you launch a favorite, the placeholder “{SEL_LOC}” in the Parameter will be replaced with the path of the selected item in Windows Explorer. In Snippets, the placeholder “{Clipboard}” will be replaced with the current content of the Windows Clipboard when you paste it. The placeholders “{Clipboard}” and “{SEL_LOC}” (ant its variants “{SEL_DIR}”, etc.) are introduced with v9.2.  Placeholders existing in previous versions “{LOC}”, “{DIR}”, “{CUR_LOC}”, “{CUR_DIR}” ant their other variants are now, since v9.2, supported in all places: Snippets content and favorite’s Location, Parameters and Start In fields.

More information: Can I insert values in favorites location or parameters using placeholders?

User Variables and cloud drives

QAP users cans now created placeholders with their own user variables. These can be used for a multitude of needs. But users of Shared Menus will appreciate the capability to use a placeholder like {Dropbox} in a shared favorites location because this placeholder will be replaced with each shared menu user’s Dropbox root location. If empty, the list of user variables is filled with the following cloud drive’s root folder (if found on user’s system): {Dropbox}, {Google Drive}, {OneDrive} and {iCoudDrive}. User variables can be used in Snippets content and in Favorite properties.

More information: Can I create custom user variables and use them in file paths or snippets?

Video demo: Video – Users Variables (11 min.)

Windows Apps

Windows Apps is a new family of applications from Microsoft that has the advantage of being available in a very similar way under various Microsoft devices. These apps are pre-installed in Windows 8 and 10 or downloaded from Windows Store. Technically, their architecture and behavior differs in many ways from regular applications. For example, they doesn’t use the traditional executable (.exe) files anymore. This is why many application launchers do not support them yet. Since v9.1, Quick Access Popup supports these Windows Apps also known as Universal Applications, Metro Apps (under Windows 8) or Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps.

More information: How do I add Windows Apps (also called “Windows Store”, “Universal” or “Metro” apps) to my menu?

Favorite Sound

Quick Access Popup can now play a sound after any menu item is launched. The favorite sound location field is added to Advanced Settings tab of Add/Edit Favorite dialog box for all types of favorites. Supported sound formats include wave (.wav), mp3, midi, etc. depending on your system configuration. You can also play a system sound (like the Windows “question” sound) or your own sound sequence.

More information: Can I play a sound when I launch a favorite?

Various improvements
  • Some QAP features has been renamed:
    • Add This Folder or Link is now Add Active Folder or Web page
    • Switch is now Current Windows
  • Tabs has been reorganized in the Options dialog box tabs. The Exclusions tab was removed and the More tab was added with buttons for Exclusions list, Frequent Items Dabatase and User Variables options dialog boxes.
  • An new QAP Feature List Applications lists currently open applications and windows with various technical window properties (mostly for debugging use). It can be added to your menu from the QAP Features list, under the QAP Management category.
  • An option in Alternative Hotkeys tab of the Options dialog box determines if notifications are displayed or not when using an Alternative Menu feature.
  • The environment variables (like %TEMP%) and relative paths (relative to QAP working directory) are now supported in Start In option in the Advanced Settings of favorite Applications.
  • All internal links to QAP website in the application has been updated from “http://” to “https://” because, yes!, QAP website is now more secure with an SSL certficate.

Thanks to Maeng Bong Kyun, Quick Access Popup is now available in Korean language. Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish has also been updated for v9.2. Chinese should be on its way. Thanks again to translators for this hard work.

History of all changes

See: Change log.