Download Quick Access Popup

Easy one-step installation

Installing QAP Video Demo

  1. Download, execute this exe file and just follow the setup instructions.
  2. Enjoy!
    You can find help on installation here: What’s the simplest way to install Quick Access Popup? You can also install and update Quick Access Popup automatically and silently using Chocolatey

Most users ONLY need to download and install the Easy Setup file (above). Users with specific needs and some knowledge of manual software installation may instead download the Portable ZIP file (below).

Portable installation

If you need to use Quick Access Popup in “portable” mode, download and unzip this file and follow these instructions: How can I install Quick Access Popup to make it fully portable?. Don’t forget to turn auto-startup on and enable check for updates to stay up-to-date!


About virus or malware false alerts

If you get a virus or malware alert from your anti-virus or protection software about Quick Access Popup being a potential threat, this is not the case (you can trust me… or read this setup EXE file or portable ZIP file anti-virus report by :-). Please, also read this post: How can I use QAP if an anti-virus is blocking its download or its execution?.

What’s new

Version: (2022-07-13)
- support multiple files or folders selection using the Alternative menu features "Copy/Move the selected file to a favorite folder" (available with Windows Explorer, Windows Desktop and Directory Opus)
- when opening the main menu, stop selecting the file or folder under the cursor and deselecting other items
- reverse to previous method of detecting dialog boxes (as in release v11.5.6) fixing issue with AutoCAD's (and possibly other software) dialog boxes
- keep the "Update Quick Access Popup?" dialog box open if user clicks "See change log" or "Visit web site" buttons
- fix bug when the folder or file location includes ".com " (.com followed by a space) or ".exe " (as in c:\ etc\file.txt)
- when using an Alternative menu features, stop showing confirmation dialog box for document having the "Launch with" option "{ActiveWindow}"
Version: 11.5.7 (2022-05-25)
Move or Copy Selected file/folder
- add QAP Features "Move Selected File" and "Copy Selected File" available in the Alternative menu
  About Alternative menu, see:
- add Alternative menu features "Move Selected File" and "Copy Selected File" to "Options, Alternative Menu Hotkeys"
  About Alternative menus hotkeys, see:
Menu Icons
- add a new option under "Options, Menu Icons" to set "Document Default Icons Replacements"; default document icons are used in QAP dynamic menus (like "Recent Files"), in the "Manage Icons" window and as default icons for new Document favorites; they are normally configured in Windows but you can now override them with your list of custom icons; each custom icon is associated to documents type(s) by their file extension(s), for example "txt=c:\my_icons\text_icon.png"; you can specify multiple extensions separated with "+", for example "xlsx+xlsm=c:\my_icon\excel_icon.png"
  About Document default icons, see:
- get Link (URL) favorites default icon from the entry in the Windows Registry for the default browser configured in Windows (instead of using the icon associated to the html file extension)
- in "Options, Menu Icons" the "QAP Icon Replacements" list now support image file (.png, .bmp, .gif, .jpg)
- new option under "Options, Menu Icons" to set an "Icons custom folder"; this folder is open using a link in the "Select Icon" dialog box
- in "Tools, Manage Icons" dialog box, calculate the number of rows considering the screen scaling (making obsolete the "Manage Icons number of rows", now moved to "Various Advanced Options")
- in the "Manage Icons" dialog box, make the "Previous" and "Next" buttons easier to access by moving them to the center on each side of the "Close" button
- process placeholders in the "Launch with" property of Documents, URLs and FTP favorites
- new placeholder "{ActiveWindow}" allowing, for example, to open a text file in the active editor when the "Launch with" field of a document contains "{ActiveWindow}"; QAP asks for confirmation before launching the active app
  About ActiveWindow placeholder, see:
- when a Snippet or other favorites contains an {Input:...} placeholder, abort the execution if the input is cancelled or returned empty
- Custom Hotkeys: in "Change shortcut" dialog box, add link to enter a hotkey code or a scan code (SCnnn) manually
  About keyboard shortcuts, see:
- Close Menu: if the "Add Close to menu" option is enabled (in "Options, Menus Appearance"), add the "Close menu" item to menus that can be open with a shortcut or a hotstring
  About the Close menu, see:
- QAP Messenger "LaunchFavorite": when launching a favorite from QAPmessenger, detect the last active file manager window and use its location to expand the "current location" placeholders (e.g. {CUR_LOC})
- QAP Features: prevent changing the name of the QAP Features "Repeat Last Action" and "Repeat Last Actions" menu to avoid issues caused by some code relying on their unchanged name
- Adding File Shortcuts: in "Add Multiple Favorites", when adding file shortcuts (.lnk files) from a folder, add the extracted location instead of location of the shortcut (processing file shortcut properties, like its icon, is not supported at this time)
- in "Add Favorite - Select type" dialog box and "Add Multiple Favorites" dialog boxes, replace buttons to navigate between these two dialog boxes with more discrete links
- File Dialog Boxes: new code to detect file dialog boxes (please report issues if QAP can't change folder in some file dialog boxes)
- language files updated for French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese and Korean

See the full version history in the change log.

Download archived versions.