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If you already own a license code, download the latest Quick Access Popup release below.
If you do not own your license yet, please get Quick Access Popup here.

Easy one-step installation

Installing QAP Video Demo

  1. Download, execute this exe file and just follow the setup instructions.
  2. Enjoy!
    You can find help on installation here: What’s the simplest way to install Quick Access Popup? You can also install and update Quick Access Popup automatically and silently using Chocolatey

Portable installation

If you prefer to use Quick Access Popup in “portable” mode, download and unzip this file and follow these instructions: How can I install Quick Access Popup to make it fully portable?
This will, for example, allow you to run Quick Access Popup from an external drive or USB key. And don’t forget to turn auto-startup on and enable check for updates to stay up-to-date!


Have fun!

About virus or malware false alerts

If you get a virus or malware alert from your anti-virus or protection software about Quick Access Popup being a potential threat, this is not the case (you can trust me… or read this setup EXE file or portable ZIP file anti-virus report by :-). Please, also read this post: How can I use QAP if an anti-virus is blocking its download or its execution?.

What’s new

Version: 11.1 (2020-12-02)
Exclusions in Recent/Frequent menus
- see:
- add new section "Menu Exclusions" under the "Options" menu with zones for folders and files exclusions in "Recent" or "Frequent" menus
- move the "Current Windows Exclusions" option from "Various Advanced Options" to "Menu Exclusions"
- filter out items in "Recent Folders" and "Frequent Folders" if their path is under one of the items in the "Folder Exclusions" list of the "Menu Exclusions" options
- filter out items in "Recent Files" and "Frequent Files" if their path is under one of the items in "Folder Exclusions" or if their extensions is one of the items in "Files Exclusion" of the "Menu Exclusions" options
- support wildcards * and ? when filtering files and folder in "Frequent" and "Recent" menus
Add Multiple favorites / Import Favorites
- see:
- add a new source in "Favorite, Add Multiple Favorites" named "QAP Settings File (tree view)" allowing to import favorites by selecting the menus or submenus to import
- this imports favorites of any types from the selected .ini file with all their properties
- rename existing source from "QAP Settings File (items)" to "QAP Settings File (flat view)" to distinguish it from the new source
- this new feature replaces the "Import Favorites" with a stronger validation against duplicate favorite names
- in "File, Import/Export Settings", disable the "Favorites" checkbox and add a button "Import Favorites" opening the "Add Multiple Favorites" dialog box with the source "QAP Settings File (tree view)"
Various improvements
- support comments in user variables list; any lines not starting with { is treated as a comment
- add the "Suspend Hotkeys" menu to QAP System menu (right-click on the QAP icon) and keep it under the "Tools" menu
- in the "Options, Customize Window" section, add the new checkbox "When saving a favorite, check if an existing favorite has the same location or content"
- when replacing an hotstring trigger with a snippet's content, by default keep the ending character (this is an new behaviour for existing snippets with hotstrings)
- add the hotstring option "Omit the ending character when pasting snippets" for situations where the user wants the ending character to be removed when pasting a snippet (applicable only to hotstrings for "Text Mode" snippets
- when saving a favorite, if its location does not exist, offer to save the favorite anyway (default is No)
- when expanding user variables in locations or elsewhere, also expand environment variables embedded inside user variables
- do not open "Add/Edit Favorites" and other dialog boxes inside the "Customize" window while favorites are being saved (preventing save errors in some situations)
- in the "Add/Edit Favorites" for menu and shared menus, save space (needed when editing a shared menu) by moving the automatic sort options to a new dialog box
- display extended error codes in case of SQLite database error
Bug fixes
- fix bug to enable the "Save" button in "Add Multiple favorites" dialog box when selecting all items
- fix bug when adding multiple favorites in an empty destination menu
- fix bug when escaping the "Change Hotstring" dialog box and fix bug when loading favorites in "Manage Hotstrings" dialog box with "See all favorites" option enabled
- fix minor display bug and delete temporary files when cancelling the save license process
Language update
- German, Italian, Brazilian-Portuguese, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese and French language files update
- Looking for translators to update Spanish and Russian language files

See the full version history in the change log.
Also, about previous releases…
What’s new in v10.4
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