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Quick QAP Glossary

QAP Menu: your customized menu built using the Customize window.

Favorite: item (folder, document, URL, etc.) you add to your QAP menu.

Favorite settings: various parameters of a favorite set in the tabs of the Add/Edit Favorites dialog box.

Submenu: a section of your QAP menu expanded when you select its title, containing some of your favorites or maintained automatically by QAP.

QAP Feature: a specific type of favorite that execute a command or display a dynamic submenu.

Options: global options set in various sections of the Options dialog box.

Settings file: a Windows configuration (.ini) file named quickaccesspopup.ini containing QAP global options and the list of your favorites.

QAP database: an optional SQLite database file containing data allowing to build dynamic submenus with your most frequently used favorites and caching some info to speed-up menu refresh.

1) Installing

2) Showing menu

3) Adding Favorites

4) Customizing menu

5) Launching favorites

6) Automating your work

7) Sharing and Collaboration

8) Customizing QAP

9) Settings File (.ini)

A) Harnessing Windows

B) Issues