[Tips] Quick Printing with QAP

How to send documents directly to the default printer

By QAP user Rennie Schmid

I have utilized the power and flexibly within QAP to speed up the process of finding the files on my system and printing them efficiently. This tutorial will step through the process and point out some of discoveries along the way.

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[Tips] Create a group to switch to a recurring task requiring multiple windows

At work or at home we all do some recurring tasks that require to open related folders, files, applications or web pages. QAP can help you switch your computer to make you up and running for the new task in a second.

I’ll demonstrate it using a simple example: reviewing your family budget (and if you just don’t have a budget, transpose it to anything you prefer to doing your budget!). To review your budget , you may need to open your personal finance software, to login to your bank website and to open some files in a folder.

New! Discover at the end of this tip how Group member options introduced with QAP v11.5.1 can make your group more powerful and flexible.

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[Tips] Create a favorite for your temporary folder

We all have a folder where we put files that just need to be checked once or that need to be extracted before saving them in their final location. Some people use their Desktop for this. Personally, I prefer to keep my Desktop clean and I’m using the subfolder C:\TEMP. You could also use the temporary folder created by Windows. It is hidden deep under the surface but Windows created the variable %TEMP% to make it easy to access.

Whatever your preference is, let’s see how to make it easy to access this folder in different ways using Quick Access Popup.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to

  • create a favorite for a folder;
  • give this favorite a distinct icon;
  • give your folder a shortcut to access it instantly;
  • sync this icon with the Windows folder.

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