Change log

Release notes are presented in reverse chronological order. Beta versions release notes are in the beta versions change log.

Version: (2018-10-09)
* Some users reported performance with v9.2 issue when launching QAP of showing the QAP menu. This release adds diagnostic code that will help fix this issue.
* For more info, see:
- change attached/detached menu option to include "Frequent Folders", "Frequent Files", "Recent Folders", "Recent Files" and "Drives" menus
- add diagnostic code and timers for to UsageDb, refresh dynamyc menus and refresh full menu
- other small internal changes

Version: 9.2 (2018-10-02)
Frequent Items QAP Features
- new "Frequent Folders" and "Frequent Files" QAP Features showing a menu with the ten most frequently used folders or files (excluding folders or files not found) sorted by frequency
- categorize "Frequent Folders" and "Frequent Files" QAP Features under the section "Dynamic Menus" of the QAP features list in the "Add/Edit Favorite" dialog box
- if, in early usage, "Frequent Folders" and "Frequent Files" menus are incomplete, a notice is added to explain that the menus will improve with QAP usage
Frequent Items menus options
- reorganize "Options" dialog box tabs: remove "Exclusions" tab and add the "More" tab with buttons for "Exclusions list", "Frequent Items Dabatase" and "User Variables" options dialog boxes
- in the "Frequent Items Database" options dialog box:
  - show QAP Privacy Statement
  - enable/disable Frequent Items database checkbox
  - collection interval for Windows Recent Items (in seconds, minimum 60, default 60)
  - number of days covered by the Frequent Items menus (default 30 days)
  - maximum size of the database in MB, decimal values allowed (default 3 MB)
  - checkbox to show the favorites frequency index in Frequent Items menus and in "Settings" window
  - button to "Flush Recent Items database"
Frequent Items database technical notes
- a background task collects (for user's usage only) Windows Recent Items and QAP usage in an SQLite local database named QAP_Frequent.DB
- QAP is now distributed with files sqlite3.dll and sqlite3.def (32-bit or 64-bit - appropriate version is used according to user's system)
- when maximal database size is exceeded, QAP removes oldest items until the maximal size minus 10% is respected
- when exiting QAP, it creates a backup of the database under the name QAP_Frequent.DB-BK, always overwriting the previous copy (this allows scheduled backup programs to copy the backup file even when the live database is locked by QAP)
"In the Works" menu
- at first launch of QAP, a new "In the Works" menu is added to Main menu including items "Frequent Folders", "Frequent Files", "Recent Folders", "Recent Files" and "Current Windows" (aka "Switch")
- this menu is added at the top of Main menu for new users or at the bottom of Main menu for users upgrading to v9.2+
- assign to the "In the Works" menu the QAP icon and the Shift + Control + W shortcut
- users upgrading to v9.2 can remove the duplicates "Recent Folders", "Recent Files" and "Current Windows" (aka "Switch") items previously in the "My QAP Essentials" menu
Recent Items menus
- "Recent Folders" and "Recent Files" are now refreshed from the Frequent Items database (keeping the previous method if Frequent Items database is disabled)
- Recent Items menus are now always attached to the Main menu (because they are now built more reliably from the database)
New {SEL_LOC} Placeholders
- the new placeholders "{SEL_LOC}" inserts in favorites paths and snippets the path of the item currently under the mouse pointer or the item selected in the the file manager window
- the "{SEL_LOC}" placeholder variants are: "{SEL_LOC}" (full path), "{SEL_NAME}" (file name only), "{SEL_DIR}" (directory), "{SEL_EXT}" (extension), "{SEL_NOEXT}" (file name without extension) and "{SEL_DRIVE}" (drive letter)
- the "{SEL_LOC}" placeholder is supported when using Windows Explorer and Directory Opus (this feature is currently not available in Total Commander)
Placeholders in Snippets
- placeholders for selected item "{SEL_LOC}" and their variants are now replaced in Snippet content
- placeholders can be inserted in both in "Text" and "Macro" modes Snippets
- when displaying a prompt before launching a Snippet, placeholders in prompt text are expanded
- tip: if a Snippet includes a location placeholder, use the "Prompt before launching the snippet" option in "Advanced Settigns" to allow moving from the Explorer window to the window where the snippet must be pasted
- tip: if you need to insert the name of a placeholder "as-is" in a Snippet, preceeds the opening bracket with backtick (eg: "`{Clipboard}")
User Variables and Cloud Drives Placeholders
- user variables are custom placeholders that can be inserted in favorites properties and snippet content
- the button "User Variables" under the "More" tab of the "Options" dialog box opens the "User Variables" dialog box
- at its first launch (or when user variables list is empty), QAP creates user variables for these cloud drives (if detected): "{Dropbox}", "{Google Drive}", "{OneDrive}" (SkyDrive) and "{iCoudDrive}"
- allow sorting of favorites list when filtered using the Search field
- language of QAPmessenger v1.3 (used to send Windows Explorer contect menu commands to QAP) is now translated
- when an error message is displayed because a Shared menu ini file is not found, offer to skip future error messages for this Shared menu file
- add "NeverQuotes=1" to QAPconnect file manager properties to skip enclosing of location path between double-quotes when it includes space(s)
- rename the QAP feature "Switch" to "Current Windows"
- update of Brazilian Portugueze, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish language files
- language files include text of QAP Messenger v1.2

Version: 9.1.2 (2018-09-10)
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Placeholders in snippets, file and folder paths
- in Snippet's content and in favorite's "Location", "Parameters" and "Start In" fields (for all types of favorites supporting these options):
  - [NEW] replace the placeholder "{Clipboard}" with the current content of the Windows Clipboard (if it contains text)
  - [IMPROVED] now replace the placeholders "{CUR_LOC}", "{CUR_NAME}", "{CUR_DIR}", "{CUR_EXT}", "{CUR_NOEXT}" and "{CUR_DRIVE}" with current location (Explorer window under mouse pointer or active Explorer window) in all fields listed above
  - [IMPROVED] now replace the placeholders "{LOC}", "{NAME}", etc. with favorite's location (etc.) in all fields listed above (except in Snippets)
- also replace these placeholders in Windows Apps "Parameters" field
Bug fixes
- fix bug with shared menu catalogue path and environment variables
- when extracting the "Short name for menu" of a favorite folder from its location, stop stripping the text after the last dot of the folder name
Language files
- addition of Korean translation, thanks to Maeng Bong Kyun (
- update of Dutch, German, Italian and French language files
- add Korean and Dutch language to setup program

Version: 9.1.1 (2018-08-23)
Various improvements
- add an option in "Alternative Hotkeys" tab of the "Options" dialog box to determine if notifications are displayed or not when using an Atlernative Menu feature (default true)
- support for environment variables (like %TEMP%) and relative paths (relative to QAP working directory) in "Start In" option, in "Advanced Settings" of favorite Applications
- add a "Play" button beside the play sound option in "Add/Edit favorite" dialog box, "Advanced Settings" tab
- add date created and date modified properties to favorites, using universal time (UTC), allowing in a future version to sort favorites by created or last modified date
- rename the QAP feature "Add This Folder or Link" to "Add Active Folder or Web page"
- update to Spanish language file
Bug fix
- fix bug when active file manager is Directory Opus or Total Commander and the option in "File managers" tab is "the current window"

Version: 9.1 (2018-08-10)
Windows Apps
- support Windows Apps (downloaded from Windows Store or pre-installed in Windows 10, also called Metro Apps under Windows 8, Universal Applications, UWP applications)
- automatically add the submenu "My Windows Apps" to your Main menu with sample of Windows Apps installed with Windows 10 (created only if you run QAP under Windows 10; you can move or delete this submenu if you wish)
- new favorite type "Windows App" in the "Select Favorite Type " dialog box
- adapt the "Add/Edit Favorite" dialog box for a Windows Apps:
  - select the Windows App to add in a dropdown list of Windows Apps installed on your system
  - click the "Refresh" button to include freshly installed Windows Apps
  - select the last dropdown list entry "Custom Windows App" to add manualy a Windows App identifier
  - in the "Advanced Settings" tab, the "Parameter" option is available
  - known limitations: at this time, QAP could not retrieve the "friendly" localized app name and its icon, but you can change the app's name or icon as you wish
  - technical note: the Windows Apps list is refreshed by a PowerShell script running silently; the list is automatically refreshed at QAP launch, unless the [Global] value "RefreshWindowsAppsListAtStartup=0" is added to the QAP ini file
- see:
Favorite Sound
- add capability to play a sound after any menu item is launched
- the favorite sound location field is added to "Advanced Settings" tab of "Add/Edit Favorite" dialog box for all types of favorites
- support for sounds from a sound as file (wave, mp3, midi, etc. depending on your system configuration), a system sound or your own sound sequence
- see:
Various improvements and bug fixes
- add QAP Feature "List Applications" used to analyse properties of currently open applications and windows (mostly for debugging use)
- sort favorite in Settings window without considering the ampersand (&) in their names
- optimize "Recent Folders" and "Recent Files" menus refresh when these menus are attached to the Main menu
- fix bug to prevent shared menu file name to be empty or only ".ini"
- set default icons when adding Shared menu from Catalogue
- update links to QAP website from http:// to https:// (Yes! QAP website is now more secure with an SSL certficate.)
- update of all language files, thanks to translators

Version: 9.0.7 (2018-07-27)
- fix bug remembering window position and size when moving the "Move favorite" dialog box when used for only one favorite
- when using drag-and-drop to add a favorite to a menu in the "Settings" window, insert the new favorite after the selected one (instead of before)
- in the "Add/Edit Favorite" dialog box for QAP Features, add help links for all remaining features
- change English labels "Remember window position" to "Remember Settings window position" (in "Options") and "Hide this favorite in menu" to "Disable this favorite" (in Add/Edit Favorite dialog box)
- update to all localized language files

Version: 9.0.6 (2018-06-10)
Shared menus and Time zones
- shared menus now fully support menus saved on cloud shared drive (Dropbox, etc.) when users are working accross different time zones
  - note 1: before v9.0.6, sharing menus on cloud drives was possible but some modification alerts could be skipped or sent at inapropriate time
  - note 2: there never was issue when sharing menus using network drives because the file's timestamp is the same for all users regardless of time zone
- add to add/edit shared menu the "Drive hosting the shared menu":
  - "Network" (default option, backward compatible pre-v9.0.6), get last modified time of shared menu from file's date-time
  - "Cloud" option (Dropbox, Gogle Drive, OneDrive, etc.), get modification time from each PC's UTC time (for better sync messaging, users shold sync their clocks on a time server)
Shared menus refreshing
- before showing the "Settings" window, refresh all external menus that were changed since last load and rebuild main menu
- in "Settings", when opening a shared menu, check if the menu was modified by another user and, if yes, refresh it before displaying it and rebuild the main menu
- when changing a favorite in a shared menu and the menu was modified by another user since last load (should be very rare), refresh and reload the menu, rebuild the main menu and inform user that its last change cannot be saved
- when loading a shared menu, if it is already locked by the current user (because something unexpected happened and the lock was not released previously), unlock the menu immediately
- display tooltips during saving favorites and rebuilding the menu (not only when rebuilding)
- sound debug beep also when refreshing shared menus and live folders on-demand

Version: 9.0.5 (2018-06-03)
- fix bug with icon when adding a link (URL) favorite with the "Add this Folder or Link Express" command
- minor language updates for all languages

Version: 9.0.4 (2018-05-20)
- fix bug subfolders of Live folders are now also sorted according to Live folder's options
- fix bug default icon is now set when adding a file with the "Add File to Quick Access Popup menu Express" extended context menu (Shift + Right click a file in Windows Explorer to show the "extended" context menu)
- show "Set Windows folder icon" link in "Add/Edit favorite" only for Folder favorites and only if a location has been entered (use this command to sync Windows folder icon with favorite's icon)
- remove unsupported hotstrings options "Do not conform to case" and "Do not keep ending key"
- Spanish language update (QAP Features descriptions in "Add/Edit Favorite")

Version: 9.0.3 (2018-05-12)
- optimize recent folders and recent files menu refresh when these menus are attached to the main menu (refresh time will be shorter when only one of the "Recent Folders" or "Recent Files" is used)
- close all windows now default with window lines unchecked
- Hotstrings: restart QAP automatically when an hotstring's options are changed, display an alert for the first change (avoid intermittent glitches)
- Hotstrings: remove unsupported options "Do not keep Ending key" and "Do not conform to typed case"
- Dutch language file update and minor updates to EN, DE and ES language files; add Dutch language to Setup script

Version: 9.0.2 (2018-05-06)
- fix bug showing the Settings window empty or with wrong content under certain conditions, especially  when used in non-English language
- fix display bug when adding line separators of column breaks in Settings
- other minor improvements
- Italian language update

Version: 9.0.1 (2018-04-28)
Scheduled refresh
- new option to refresh periodically the Live Folders menus and Shared Menus (during the short refresh period, the menu is not available)
- set the "Interval between refresh (seconds)" in "Menu" tab of "Options" windows
- recommended interval is 300 seconds (5 minutes) or more and minimal interval is 30 seconds
- use the check box "Beep before and after refresh (debug)" to help estimate the time required to refresh the menu
Tree views when adding QAP features and Windows Special folders
- in "Add/Edit Favorite" dialog box, replace dropdown lists new tree view lists help selecting new QAP features or Windows Special folders
- QAP Features and Windows Special folders are grouped in the tree view by categories
- each QAP features has a description and is linked to a FAQ page on QAP web site
- you can double click an item in the tree view to add immediately the new QAP feature or Windows Special folder
- an hotstring is a small sequence of characters used as trigger to expand an abbreviation into the full text of a Snippet (auto-replace) or to launch any type of favorite
- a new "Hotstrings" section is added to the "Menu Options" tab in "Add/Edit Favorite" dialog box
- in the "Change hotstring" dialog box, you set the trigger (abbreviation) and options: Case sensitive, Do not conform to typed case, Expand inside other words, Keep hotstring abbreviation, Do not wait for Ending key, Do not keep Ending key (see FAQ page for explanations of options:
- due to large number of options combinations (taking into account case-sensitivity and other options), QAP does not validate that hotstring triggers are unique; in case of duplication, depending on various options, only one of the favorites having the same hotstring will be triggered
- in "Options", "Hotkeys" tab, a new button "Hotstrings default options" opens a dialog box where you can set default values for options of newly created hotstrings (these defaults do not impact existing hotstrings)
- the "Manage Hotkeys" window now has two tabs: the existing list of Favorite Shortcuts is inserted in a first tab and a second tab now lists the Favorites Hotstrings
- a new QAP feature named "Hotstrings" opens the "Manage Hotkeys" window in the "Hotstrings" tab
- the QAP feature "Hotkeys" has been renamed "Shortcuts"
Settings window improvements
- a new "Sort" button on the left side of the "Settings" window to "Sort all or selected favorites in list"; sorting stops at the first line separator or column break, if present
- a new "Move" button on the right side of the "Settings" window to move one or multiple favorites to another sub menu (no more need to edit a favorite to move it to another menu)
- the "Hotkeys" button has been moved to the bottom of the "Settings" window and now has two distinct labels: "Shortcuts" to manage shortcuts and "Hotstrings" to open directly the Hotstrings tab
- remove support for old black and white buttons (already deprecated since v8.1.1)
Extended Search in favorites
- in "Settings" window, a new check box "Extended Search" beside the "Search" text box gives more power to the Search tool
- by default, with the "Extended Search" not checked, the Search tool only filters favorites based on their name
- if the "Extended Search" is checked, search also covers favorite type, shortcut text, hotstring trigger, location (file or folder path), snippet content, FTP login and advanced settings "Parameters" and "Start in" folder
Sort Live folders
- new "Sort" options in "Live Folders Options" of favorite folders allow to sort the content of Live folders by file name, extension, size or modified date
- Live folder content can be sorted ascending or descending
- default sort order is alphabetically by file name
Close computer QAP Features
- new QAP Feature "Close Computer Control Center", a dialog box giving full control on the way you close or suspend your computer with commands "Power down", "Shutdown", "Restart" and "Logoff", with option to force closing or not; "Sleep" or "Hibernate", with options to suspend immediately or not, or to disable wake events or not; "Turn monitor off", "Put monitor in low-power mode" or "Start screen saver"
- new individual QAP Features to "Restart computer", "Logoff user", "Sleep computer", "Hibernate computer", "Turn monitor off", "Put monitor in low-power mode" and "Start screen saver"
Add Favorites QAP Features
- twelve new QAP features to add a favorite for each type of favorite
- when adding a favorite using any of the "Add Favorite" QAP features (including "Add this Folder or Link"), the default parent menu of the new favorite is now the same menu where the QAP feature was launched
- when adding a favorite with "Add this Folder or Link Express" QAP feature, the new favorite is immediately added to the same menu where the QAP feature was launched
- the position of the new favorite is set accordingly to the options "When adding automatically, add a favorite at..." top or bottom, in the "Menu" tab of the "Options" window
- at first QAP launch, when creating the default QuickAccessPopup.ini file, the item "Add Feature - QAP Feature" is added at the top of the "My QAP Essentials" menu and the item "Add Feature - Special" is added at the top of the "My Special Folders" menu
Other new QAP Features
- "Close All Windows" shows a list of all the windows of running application where you can close all or selected windows in one click
- "Reopen Current Folder from Dialog Box" will open a new Windows Explorer window and load the folder that is active in the dialog box
- "Switch to default settings file" reloads the normal QAP settings file QuickAccessPopup.ini
- various QAP features for existing features that were available only in Tray menu but can now be added in any menu: "Restore Settings Position", "Check for update" and "Edit Settings file"
Tray menu (right-click on QAP icon in Notification zone)
- group some Tray menu options under a new sub menu "Settings file options"
- add the item "Switch to default settings file" to the Tray sub menu "Settings file options"
Keyboard shortcuts (internal changes)
- internal keyboard shortcuts management has been simplified and now allows to have various shortcuts for the same location with different parameters
- in the settings file QuickAccessPopup.ini, shortcuts are now saved with the favorites info (in the [Favorites] section instead of the separate [LocationHotkeys] section as before)
- the existing shortcuts in the [LocationHotkeys] section are automatically upgraded to the new favorites shortcuts format
- IMPORTANT NOTE: once you upgraded to a version greater than v9.0 (or beta release v8.7.1.92), you should not revert to an earlier version (if whenever you have to do it, your keyboard shortcuts will be lost)
Other  minor improvements
- Shared menus: prevent user from changing the location or file name of a Shared menu (avoiding errors); if the file for a shared menu has been renamed or moved, first remove the shared menu and create a new one with the moved or renamed file
- Snippets: when displaying a prompt waiting to send a text snippet or execute a macro snippet, QAP now accepts Escape to cancel the snippet
- Drag & Drop: when adding a file shortcut (.lnk) using drag and drop, set the default name of the favorite to the name of the shortcut
- File Shortcuts (.lnk): when adding a file shortcut with the "Add favorite" dialog box or using drag and drop, get the favorite default icon value and, for applications, the "Parameters" (command line arguments) and "Start In" working directory values from the file shortcut (this is already done that way when adding the shortcut using the Explorer context menu)
- Add favorite: reorder the types of favorites radio buttons in the "Select Type" dialog box when you add a favorite
- Windows Explorer: opening a folder that is already open in another Explorer window now brings the existing window to front (instead of creating a new window) except, of course, if you click inside an existing Explorer window, in which case it changes the folder inside this window
- Windows Explorer instances: before this release, opening a folder in a new window was creating a new Explorer instance for every new folder; now, the window for a new folder is created under the existing Explorer instance and only one Explorer instance is created by QAP (unless user open the Alternative menu "Open in new window" or if user adds an argument to the folder in "Advanced Settings" in which cases QAP must create new Explorer instances)
- Exclusions: add the capability to exclude menu mouse trigger (by default, Middle mouse button) by process name in addition to window title and class name (the process name is usually the name of the executable file of an application, for example: NOTEPAD.EXE) and add detection of process name when using the "Get window info" button below exclusion list in "Exclusion" tab of the "Options" window
- make sure location ends with backslash for app's Save As dialog box (like with Notepad++ v7.5.6) trying to save instead of navigating if location does not end with backslash
- QAP development framework AutoHotkey has been upgraded to v1.1.28.00
- language updates for Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
- removed Sweedish language (not updated since v8.0)

Version: (2018-02-23)
- prevent user from changing the location or file name of a Shared menu (avoiding errors); if the file for a shared menu has been renamed or moved, first remove the shared menu and create a new one for the moved or renamed file
- message to confirm before creating a new (empty) external menu
- using Snippets, when waiting to send a text snippet or execute a macro snippet, accept Escape to cancel the snippet
Version: (2018-01-21)
- fix bug introduced in v8.7.1 making the menu miss the QAP features names after user saved changes in the Hotkeys dialog box
- fix bug "unknown" icons displayed for some favorites in menu after saving favorites for the first time after first launch after installation
- fix bug write file version number to executable files (32-bit and 64-bit)
- add executable files version number to setup executable file
- compiled with new AHK runtime v1.1.27.03 and display AHK runtime version in About dialog box
- update to traditional Chinese (ZH-TW) language file
Version: 8.7.1 (2017-12-30)
Run as administrator
- new checkbox "Run as administrator" in Options, first tab, to launch QAP as an admnistrator (ie: with elevated privileges)
- display a security alert when selecting the "Run as administrator" option and when launching QAP as administrator
- when running as administrator, embed the Windows UAC (User Access Control) logo in QAP icon in the Notification zone
- add the "[admin]" tag to QAP application name when running as administrator
- administrator security alert, "[admin]" tag and QAP tray icon with UAC logo are displayed only if QAP is running as admin because of the "Run as administrator" option (ie: not if user launched QAP as administrator by other means)
- launch QAP with normal privileges if user decline elevation (ie: do not enter the admin password when requested)
- more info here:
Bug fixes
- in Live Folders, fix icons for items with extension .url (links) or .lnk (shortcuts)
- fix bug when Directory Opus had multiple listers and wrong lister was sometimes activated after opening a folder in new tab
- fix bug in French version to remember the "Add/Edit favorite" dialog box width

- the QAP startup shortcut (created when user select the "Run at startup" option) now includes the "/Settings:" parameter if user switched settings file (QAP will reload with the changed settings file)
- add a random number to QAP temporary folder name to make sure we have distinct folders in case multiple QAP instances are launched
- use the Windows UAC (User Access Control) logo as default icon for the Alternative menu "Run as administrator"
- new JLicons.dll icons file v1.4 including Windows UAC logo icon and QAP icon with UAC logo
* User installing QAP in PORTABLE mode, make sure you update your JLicons.dll file
- Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, German, Spanish and French language update
Version: 8.7 (2017-12-06)
New QAP Features
- new QAP feature "Repeat Last Actions" displaying a submenu with the last 10 items selected in the popup menu
- adding a new submenu "Repeat Last Actions" to the "My QAP Essentials" menu for new installation only (* existing users must add it themselves *)
- when an item is selected from the "Repeat Last Actions" menu, it is moved to the top of the menu
- new option in "Options", "Menu" tab, to select the number of items in "Repeat Last Actions" menu (default 10)
- new QAP feature "Repeat Last Action" (singular) to repeat the last item selected in the popup menu (* users must add it themselves to their menu *)
- new QAP Feature "Recent Files" displaying a submenu with recent files as remembered by Windows
- adding a new submenu "Recent Files" to the "My QAP Essentials" menu for new installation only (* existing users must add it themselves *)
- adding a new submenu "Repeat Last Actions" to the "My QAP Essentials" menu for new installation only (* existing users must add it themselves *)
- the "Recent Files" submenu contains the same number of items as the "Recent Folders" submenu
- new option in "Options", "Menu" tab, to display the refreshed folders "Recent Folders", "Recent Files" and "Drives" attached to the main menu (with a refresh delay that may vary at each menu popup) or detached as stand-alone menus refreshed on demand (as before this release)
Russian keyboard support
- various adjustments for systems where current input language (keyboard) is Russian (language code 0419)
- if Russian keyboard is detected, replace Windows + W and Shift + Windows + W menu keyboard hotkeys with equivalent keys on Russian keyboard (ASCII Unicode 1094)
- at first execution, do not assign default hotkeys to favorites if running on a system with Russian keyboard
- change method of initialization of shortcuts in "Settings" window to avoid errors with Russian keyboard
Temporary folder
- add an option in "General" tab to select the folder where the QAP temporary folder is created (and deleted when you exit QAP)
- for new installation starting with this version, the default temporary folder is created in Windows %TEMP% folder (e.g. C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Temp)
Other improvements
- support navigation (change folder) in PowerShell window as in the command-line console (CMD)
- add an item to the QAP system menu (richt-click on QAP icon menu in Notification zone) labeled "Restore Settings window position" that move the "Settings" window to its default position and size, in case it would become invisible following changes by user in screens configuration
- when activating a running application with Applications favorite option "If the application is already running, activate it instead of launching", activate it only if it has the requested admnin (UAC) level (elevated or normal), if not, launch a new instance with the required admin level (if the application supports multiple instances)
- allow resize of dialog box shown when selecting a destination menu for copied or moved multiple favorites, allowing to see longer destination menus and save window last position to ini file to restore it when using this dialog box again
- add code to be more specific when detecting a file dialog box (Open, Save As, etc.) and exclude non-file dialog boxes (Preferences, Options, etc.)
Bug fixes
- changes in Manage Icons window were not saved if favorites were part of a shared menu
- could not use the Alternative menu feature "Edit a favorite" for running apps favorites if the "If this application is already running, activate..." option was enabled
- default hotkeys for QAP features in "My QAP Essentials" were not correctly initializes when creating the settings file at first execution
- bug in error message when a hotkey was not available in current keyboard layout
- opening Special folder "Control panel" in Directory Opus was causing a blank tab to be added
- make sure the application window does not stay minimized when activating a running application with Applications favorite option "If the application is already running, activate it instead of launching"
Language updates
- update to Traditional Chinese (ZH-TW, back to v8.1), Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Spanish, Dutch and French language files
- English language revision (thanks to Richard for proofreading)

Version: 8.6.4 (2017-11-29)
- fix bug: changes in Manage Icons window were not saved if menu was part of a shared menu
- fix bug: could not use the Alternative menu feature "Edit a favorite" for running apps favorites if the "If this application is already running, activate..." option was enabled
- give temporary menu name to unknown QAP feature (this should only happen if switching back from a version with a new QAP feature to an earlier version where this QAP feature is unknown)
- Traditional Chinese (ZH-TW) translation update (back to v8.1, thanks to Jess) and English language proofreading (thanks to Richard)

Version: 8.6.3 (2017-11-16)
- make "Add this Folder or Link" work with recent versions of Firefox (tested with v56)
- fix bug when adding a link with "Add this Folder or Link" from the QAP icon menu
- fix display bug in "Edit favorite" dialog box when very long web page title is retrieved as favorite name
- fix bug when assigning an hotkey to an Alternative menu feature for the first time
- update to Brazilian Portuguese language file

Version: 8.6.2 (2017-11-06)
- for new inslallations only, add default hotkeys to QAP features:
  "Add This Folder or Link" -> Shift + Control + A
  "Reopen Current Folder in Dialog Box" -> Shift + Control + C
  "Clipboard" -> change from Shift + Control + C to Shift + Control + V
  (existing users can add it themselves in the Edit Favorite dialog box, Menu Options tab)
- fix bug display hotkey title in error messages when a hotkey is not available in current keyboard layout
- update to Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Spanish, French and Dutch language files

Version: 8.6.1 (2017-10-29)
- fix bug default icon not set properly when adding a favorite (update RECOMMENDED for all users)
- block popup menu during menu refresh launched with QAP feature Refresh Live menus
- add link for monthly donations in Support freeware dialog box

Version: 8.6 (2017-10-26)
Add this Link
- the QAP Feature "Add This Folder" has been renamed "Add this Folder or Link" and now detects URL locations in browsers as well as folder locations in supported file managers
- when adding a link, QAP retrieves the web page title automatically as default favorite name; if the URL returns an error (this can happen even for valid pages), it leaves the favorite name empty
- when adding or editing a favorite link, a button allows to retrieve the page title from the web page
- a tooltip is displayed when retrieving web page title (in case fetching the tile takes some time)
Copy multiple favorites
- support copy multiple favorites (still excluding menus and groups)
- multiple copy stops when an existing favorite in the destination menu has the same name as the copied favorite (as for multiple move in previous versions)
- an error message is displayed when user ask to move or copy multiple favorites to their actual location
Text Separators
- a new favorite type "Text Separator" allows to insert text entries as headers or sub-headers in the QAP menu (selecting these entries in the menu has no effect)
- a new "T" icon in the left column of Settings window can be clicked to add Text Separators
- by default, Text Separators have no icon but one can be selected in the "Menu Options" tab
Favorites icons management 
- QAP now allows favorites to have "no icon"
- in add/edit favorite dialog box "Menu Options" tab, a new link labeled "no icon" selects the "no icon" pseudo-icon (the "forbidden" sign with a diagonal bar)
- the "no icon" icon can also be selected in the JLicons.dll file
- the favorite icons taken in JLicons.dll are now saved in the settings file by their name (e.g. "iconFolder") instead of the "file,index" format used for icons from other files
- current icons from JLindex.dll in the settings file are be converted from "file,index" format to names (e.g. "iconFolder") the first time settings are saved with this version (and future versions)
- in add/edit favorite dialog box "Menu Options" tab, a new link labeled "select in JLicons.dll"
- a new icon file named JLicons.dll v1.3 including the new iconNoIcon pseudo-icon will be automatically updated for Setup users (for portable installation, make sure the previous file is replaced)
Unicode conversion
- QAP now save its settings (QuickAccessPopup.ini) with Unicode encoding, allowing more international and special characters to be saved in favorites location, snippets content or favorites names
- QAP still supports existing settings file saved in ANSI encoding but it offers to do the conversion when QAP is loaded with this version (and future versions)
- if settings file is encoded in ANSI, QAP displays a dialog box offering the user to:
  1) convert its settings file to Unicode encoding (for better int'l and special characters support);
  2) not convert (value "DoNotConvertSettingsToUnicode=1" is added to settings to remember this choice);
  3) or ask again at next startup.
- the dialog box includes a link to a FAQ web page for explanation and help (
- the option "Always open folders in current file manager window" in Options, "Files mamagers" tab is added to always change folder in the current Explorer, Total Commander or Directory Opus window, except when using the Alternative menu "Open in new window"; this applies to favorites of types Folder, Special Folder and FTP
- improve visibility of the "Explorer context menu" option in Options "Menu" tab
- new value SendToConsoleWithAlt in Global settings, default 1 (true), to use the ALT+0nnn ASCII codes when changing folder in a command-line window (CMD)
- partial update of all language files (complete updates in next versions), full update of the French language file
Bug fixes
- fix bug when changing folder in command-line window (CMD) with some international keyboard input language (by using the ALT+0nnn ASCII codes)
- fix bug when opening an application favorite with {CUR_LOC} and when location is empty (this was happening when the current window was not an Explorer window)
- fix bug when user cancels the pick icon dialog box, now QAP keeps the selected icon

Version: 8.5.2/8.5.3 (2017-09-08)
- v8.5.3 fixes a comment typo in v8.5.2 preventing the app to load
- reverting change from v8.5.1 causing issues for users having special characters in their favorites paths : at QAP startup, STOPS converting QuickAccessPopup.ini to Unicode encoding if it is encoded in ANSI (until more tests are done)
- if your QuickAccessPopup.ini was corrupted using v8.5.1, go to your working directory (, rename QuickAccessPopup.ini-ANSI-BK to QuickAccessPopup.ini
- for new installations, this change is maintained: create new settings file QuickAccessPopup.ini with Unicode encoding
Version: 8.5.1 (2017-09-07)
- create new settings file QuickAccessPopup.ini with Unicode encoding; this change allows the use of extended characters in favorite's name, location or content
- at QAP startup, check if QuickAccessPopup.ini encoding is ANSI and, if yes, convert it to Unicode encoding and inform user
- fix bug expand placeholder {CUR_LOC} in application favorite's working directory before checking if directory exists
- fix bug display "Reset default hotkey" in Select hotkey dialog box when there is no default
Version: 8.5 (2017-09-04)
Menu key
- you can now use the Menu key (also called Context menu key or Application key) to pop up the QAP menu or launch any favorite
- to select the Menu key, in the "Select Hotkey" dialog box, click on the "menu key (application)" link below the hotkey selector
- this hotkey can be combined with any modifiers (Shift, Alt, Ctrl or Win)
- major improvements to make Snippets easier to create and edit
- a button in snippet add/edit favorite dialog box to enlarge the snippet content text box
- font size selector for snippet text box
- check box to display a snippet with fixed font (useful for code snippets)
- display preferences saved with each snippet
- default preferences for snippets can be selected in Options, General tab
- when launching a snippet with the "Prompt before" option, QAP also accepts Space to kick-off a snippet (in addition to Enter)
- change help link to new FAQ page about snippets (see improved FAQ content about Snippets)
Reopen Current Folder in dialog box
- a feature I should have included much earlier... Warning: to take advantage of it, existing users must add themselves this new feature to their menu
- new QAP feature "Reopen Current Folder in dialog box" allowing to reopen in a dialog box the current location in Windows Explorer
- the current location is the folder currently displayed in the active (or in the last active) Windows Explorer window
- current location is also detected in Directory Opus or Total Commander if one of these file magagers is enabled
- set QAP feature default hotkeys for "Reopen Current Folder" to Shift + Ctrl + C  (of course, you can change it at any time)
- change QAP feature "Clipboard" default hotkeys from Shift + Ctrl + C to Shift + Ctrl + V
- this change is only for new installations - exising users must do this change themselves, if they wish
- the "Ctrl + Ctrl" option has been moved to the "Alternative menu" tab in Options dialog box, and its presentation has been improved
- add a link beside the "Check for update" checkbox in the Options dialog box to check for update immediately
- check if the "Start in" folder location exists before launching a favorite and do not launch it if the location is not found
- offer to edit the favorite when one of these folder locations is not found: folder, document or application location, "Launch with" application location or "Start in" folder location
- new! Dutch language is now available, thanks to Ric Roggeveen
- German translation update for changes since v8
- updates for Spanish, Italian and French language files, thanks to translators
Bug fixes
- fix an error in QAP 32-bit executable file preventing the Windows Explorer context menus to work with QAP installed in portable mode
- allow favorite location to be a UNC root path (like \\\ or \\MyDomain\) assuming the location is online because Windows does not allow to check if an UNC root location is available (on my system, Windows 10 defaults to the "Documents" folder if the UNC drive is not mounted)
- fix bug when adding a QAP feature and when its default hotkey is already in use for another favorite
- fix bug when processing backtick (accent grave) in snippets (used for code snippets) and add help about backticks in add/edit dialog box
- fix bug Alternative menu hotkey reappearing after delete when returning to Options dialog box until QAP is restarted
- fix bug && displayed in Drag & Drop help window title instead of &
- add diagnostic code to track the "71 hotkeys limit" bug - if someone encounter this error message, please contact me

Version: 8.4.2 (2017-08-18)
- stop creating Windows Explorer context menu for Windows Shortcuts (.lnk files) because of potential security issue
- if you need to remove this context menu see the FAQ (
Version: 8.4.1 (2017-08-05)
- fix bug maximum of Live Folders items exceeded (500 items limit) by error
- fix bug last Live folder item duplicated when numeric shortcuts are enabled
Version: 8.4 (2017-08-01)
- add "Always on top" option to Settings window to ease drag and drop
- update drag & drop help message
- remember window location when drag & drop a folder favorite to Settings window
- add a tab about Shared Menus in Help window
- add tooltips over left column buttons in Settings window
- fix bug when icon resource filename includes a coma
- fix links in Options tabs and fix links to Shared menu FAQ page on website
- Spanish, Brazilian-Portuguese, Italian and French language updates

Version: 8.3 (2017-07-20)
- add search text box to filter favorites in all submenus in Settings window
- add an X button to empty the filter text box and restore the full favorites list
- filtering is done based on the existence of the search string in the favorites name (only) in all menus and submenus
- filtering is case insensitive
- filtered favorites are displayed in the order they were found, starting from top main menu
- in filtered favorites list, the Edit button, Enter key or double-click open the edit favorite dialog box with the selected favorite
- double-clicking a menu favorite in filtered favorites list opens this menu unfiltered
- after edition of a favorite, the regular favorites list is restored in the location of the edited favorite
- the Remove button or Delete key removes a favorite from the filtered list (with confirmation before deleting a menu and its submenus); after deletion, the filtered list remains active
- in filtered list, only single selection is available, allowing edition or deletion of only one favorite at a time
- left columns buttons to move favorites or insert separator buttons (and their associated hotkeys) are disabled in filtered list
- in filtered list, the Add button (and its associated hotkey Ctrl-N) adds a new favorite at the top of the main menu
- changing menu using the dropdown list, using back or top arrows and closing and re-opening the Settings window restore the regular unfiltered list
- in Settings window, the new shortcut Ctrl-F moves the cursor to search box
Shared menus
- complete rewrite of Shared menus file locking (reservation to avoid conflicting changes by simultaneous users)
- when opening the add/edit favorite dialog box, QAP checks if the favorites belongs to a Shared menu and displays a message if the menu is read-only, locked (reserved) by another user or if it was changed since QAP was launched
- when saving a favorite (or when moving a favorite using arrows in Settings, or when adding a separator or a column break), QAP checks if the favorites belongs to a Shared menu and, if yes, checks if the shared menu was locked or modified since the dialog box was opened and, if yes, displays a message
- after a favorite in a shared menu is saved in QAP "internal" memory, QAP locks (reserves) the shared menu file until the changes in shared menu are actualy saved to the settings file QuickAccessPopup.ini, preventing other users from editing this shared menu
- QAP display "Read-only" in the Settings window's content column and prevent opening this menu in the Settings window if it is saved in a folder where the user has no write access and for shared menus of type "Centralized" where user does not have write-access for this menu
- when creating a Shared menu of type "Centralized", QAP automatically adds the current username to the write-access list (preventing the user to be locked out of its own new menu)
- in "Centralized" Shared menus write-access list, names can also be separated by semicolon (in addition to comma)
- a shared menu cannot be added under another shared menu
- QAP now supports Shared menu file locking when changes are done using the "Manage icons" window
- in Settings window column labeled "Content", QAP now displays the Shared menu settings file location
New Explorer Context menu for Windows shortcuts
- add an Explorer context menu for Windows shortcuts file (.lnk files) labeled "Import Windows shortcut to Quick Access Popup menu" to import shortcut settings to QAP favorites
- QAP imports the following settings from Windows shortcut: working directory (for application favorites), window state (for folder favorites) and icon settings (for any type of favorites)
- note for user of portable version: the file ManageContextMenu.bat has been updated to include the new context menu "Import Windows shortcut to Quick Access Popup menu"
- add Settings shortcut F1 to open the Help window
- add Settings shortcut Ctrl-H to display the Favorites Shortcuts Help window
- update the Favorites Shortcuts Help window
Bug fixes
- fix bug having various side effects after user made changes to Settings and cancelled these changes with the Cancel button
- fix bug when opening a folder and active window is QAP Settings window

Version: 8.2.3 (2017-06-24)
- fix bug blocking removal of multiple favorites when user answers no when asked to confirm removal of a submenu
- fix label display bug under Remove button preventing showing the number of selected favorites

Version: 8.2.2 (2017-06-08)
- Fix display bug in Settings, change cursor to hand when mouse over some icons and labels
- In Shared menus, verify if user has write access when opening a collaborative menu in Settings and give appropriate error message if user has no access
- In Shared Menus Catalogue, replace "&&" in menu names with single "&"
- Change QAP feature label "Add shared favorites menu from catalogue"
- In the Add Favorite dialog box, add info about Live Folder Options in Folder tip
Version: 8.2.1 (2017-05-19)
- multi-user change collision bug fixed
- add QAP feature to "Add a Shared menu from the catalogue"
- add tip below Shared menu catalogue list about double-click on a line to view the shared menu info
- when create Shared menu, force user to select the Shared menu type (no default type)
- support relative paths and environmenet variables for Shared menu file path
- fix bug in Add/Edit Favorite of type Shared menu when browse for external file and cancel
Version: 8.2 (2017-05-14)
Shared menus revamped
- three type of Shared menus
  1) Personal: menu shared on different computers by the same user
  2) Collaborative: menu on a shared drive for a team or a workgroup (every member can edit the menu)
  3) Centralized: menu on a shared drive maintained by one or more menu administrator(s)
- new "Shared menu" tab in shared menu favorites to select shared menu type (radio buttons), name and options
- options for "Centralized" shared menus: list of users with right to edit the shared menu (coma separated list), message about shared menu access shown to users without access
- Shared menu options are saved in the "[Global]" section of the share menu ini file, in variables "MenuName", "WriteAccessUsers", "WriteAccessMessage" and "MenuType"
- in favorites list, display Shared menu name and display "Read-only" if current user does not have write access to the centralized menu
- when adding a Shared menu, get the favorite name from the menu ini file if the variable "MenuName" exists
- deprecate the option "Number of the first favorite" in shared menu files (now favorites always starting at 1 but starting number in old menu are still supported)
Shared menus catalogue
- new option in "General" tab to "Enable Shared Menu Catalogue" and select the "Catalogue root folder"
- when user adds a Shared menu and when the catalogue is enabled, give user the option to select the Shared menu from a dialog box
- new Shared menu dialog box containing the shared menu files under the catalogue root with menu names, paths and checkboxes to select menu(s) to add to QAP popup menu
- in Shared menu dialog box, button "Add selected shared menu(s)" to add selected menu(s) from catalogue to the QAP menu at the current menu and position in favorites list
- in Shared menu dialog box, button "Add another shared menu" to browse the file system for any Shared menu settings file and add it to current position in favorites list
- in Shared menu dialog box, respond to double-click on a row by showing Shared menu info and a button to open the settings file in a text editor if it is not read-only
- new "ExternalMenusCataloguePathReadOnly" variable (in QAP ini file only) to prevent user from changing the catalogue root folder when value is 1, and display an error message if user tries to change the root if read-only
Shared menus mutli-user edition
- alert message when user tries to edit an external menu that was modified by another user or on another computer, based on last modification date-time
- reserve external menu when user loads a Shared menu in Settings or when user add or move favorites to a Shared menu, user and computer name are savec in the Shared menu variable "MenuReservedBy"
- release Shared menu reservation when user saves or cancels settings changes or quits QAP
- store and read last modified date in Shared menu ini file and update it only when favorites or external menu properties are changed, not when only reserved without changes
- in "About" dialog box, display user name and computer name
Other changes
- new Alternative menu QAP features "Open the Containing Folder in the Current Window" and "Open the Containing Folder in a New Window" to open the folder containing the selected document, application  or folder favorite in the current window or in a new window
- in Export file name, translate placeholder "%A_Now%" to current local date-time and "%A_NowUTC%" to current Coordinated Universal Time (based on computer time), using "YYYYMMDDHH24MISS" format
- in "Import/Export Settings", remember lats destination file in quickaccesspopup.ini when exporting and restore last used file name in when exporting settings
- in "Live folders", exclude folders with the Hidden (H) attribute (keeping those having System attribute without the Hidden attribute)
- enlarge submenus dropdown lists to 500 px in "Add/Edit Favorite" dialog box
- disable the popup menu during settings saving
- remove Patreon donation option; add Paypal links to make donations in EUR and CAD funds
- update to Spanish, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese language files
Bug fixes and improvements
- fix bug in Setup program when updating QAP causing QAP Explorer context menus to be re-enabled even if user turned them off in Settings
- fix bug "Open this menu" button missing in "Edit favorite" dialog box for Shared menus favorites

Version: 8.1.1 (2017-03-19)
- in Import/Export Settings, save destination file to QuickAccessPopup.ini when exporting and restore last used file name in Export dialog dox
- in Export file name, translate placeholder "%A_Now%" to current local date-time and "%A_NowUTC%" to current Coordinated Universal Time (based on computer time), using "YYYYMMDDHH24MISS" format
Alternative menu
- two new Alternative menu QAP features to open the folder containing the selected document, application or folder favorite 1) in the current window or 2) in a new window
Various improvements
- in Live folders, exclude folders with the Hidden (H) attribute (keeping those having System attribute without the Hidden attribute)
- in Edit Favorite dialog box for a favorite of type Group, add a button to open the group in the Settings window
- enlarge submenus dropdown lists to 500 px in Add/Edit Favorite dialog box
- split Options dialog box first tab "General" in two tabs ("General" and "Menu") to make some room for future options
- remove "Use Classic buttons" option in "General" tab ([Global] value "UseClassicButtons" still supported if present in ini file)
- remove Patreon donation option; add Paypal links to make donations in EUR and CAD funds
- tooltip "Saving..." and disable "Cancel" button in Settings during saving
Bug fixes
- support relative paths and environment variables in Live Folders
- fix bug prevent editing favorites in read-only external menu from the Edit Favorite Alternative menu
- (Setup program updated 2017-03-30) fix bug when updating QAP in setup mode causing QAP Explorer context menus to be re-enabled even if user turned them off in settings

Version: 8.1 (2017-02-20)
- display favorites shortcuts in a new column in the Settings
- when creating a favorites shortcut, support left only or right only keyboard modifiers for Shift, Alt, Ctrl and Win keys
- support different shortcuts for favorites with the same location (if they have different names), allowing them to have different options (in other words, favorite shortcuts are now linked to "name + location")
- update menu and dialog box labels to include menu shortcuts (underlined character, using the & special character)
- in QAP Mouse Hotkey exclusion list, also exclude hotkey in app's dialog boxes when the app's title or class name is prefix an asterisk (*)
- add the QAP Features "Run as administrator" to the Alternative menu (Shift + Middle mouse button or Shift + Windows + W)
- new batch file from Dogan Celik to install/uninstall Windows Explorer context menus registry keys, working as-is with portable version (see instructions in batch file)
- group members can now be disabled (same as favorites being hidden in menu), change disable checkbox label for group members
- renamed the icon file iconQAP.ico to QuickAccessPopup.ico using the same ico file name for context menu registry keys in app, setup and portable batch
Bug fixes
- cover exceptional situation where icon "file,index" for an extension is badly encoded in registry (including ")
- fix bug when double-clicking on empty line in Hotkeys list
- fix bug in Hotkeys list, when change hotkey, enable save button only if a hotkey was changed
- fix bug when Menu hotkey in Options is changed from None to a keyboard shortcut
- add delay when changing folder in dialog box to help with an intermittent issue in in some apps like Firefox (delay in milliseconds stored in quickaccesspopup.ini [Global] variable WaitDelayInDialogBox with default 100)

Version: 8.0.4 (2017-01-11)
- v8.0.4: fix bug in Manage Hotkeys list not retrieving correct favorite on double-click
- v8.0.4: alert about menu shortcuts to user when inserting ampersand (&) in short name for the menu
- v8.0.4: update to Chinese and French language file
- v8.0.3: fix small issue with check for update command
- v8.0.2: fix Settings dialog box issue with Chinese translation
- v8.0.2: update to Sweeden, Italian, Portuguese, French and Spanish language files
- v8.0.1: update current year in About dialog box
- v8.0.1: add NbLiveFolderItemsMax default value to QuickAccessPopup.ini to make it easier to change this value
- v8.0.1: links updated in Support freeware dialog box
Version: 8 (2017-01-03)
Live Folder options
- To enable a Live Folder favorite, add or edit a Folder favorite and go to the new tab "Live Folders Options". In this tab you can select:
  - the checkbox "Live Folder" to transform this favorite into a menu (and submenus) refreshed with the current content of the folder (and its subfolders)
  - an option to set the "Number of subfolders levels to include in the Live Folder menu" (1 by default - keep it low for large folders)
  - an option to "Include Documents" in the Live Folder
  - an option to "Include" or "Exclude" documents by file extensions
  - an option to split Live Folder menu in columns of a given "Number of items per column (0 for no column break)"
- Add the new QAP Feature "Refresh Live Folders menus" to your menu to refresh Live Folder on-demand (normally, Live Folder menus are refreshed when you launch QAP of when you save changes in Settings)
- QAP adds items to Live Folders up to a maximum of 500 items; if this number is exceeded, it displays an alert message
- You can edit a Live Folder favorite in the "Settings" window or using the Alternative menu "Edit a Favorite" (Shift+Middle Mouse Button or Shift+Win+W) and also by clicking any item in a Live Folder menu with Shift+Ctrl menu modifiers pressed
- More info:
New menu icons
- QAP now uses new color icons from the shared file JLicons.dll installed with QAP
- In "Easy Setup" mode, this file JLicons.dll is saved in the shared applications folder "C:\ProgramData\JeanLalonde"
- In "Portable" mode, the file JLicons.dll is included in the portable ZIP file and must be kept in the same folder as QAP executable file
- This change frees QAP from its dependency on Windows files shell32.dll and imageres.dll
- Using this icons library, menu icons can now be enabled on Windows Server versions.
- Icons from:
Manage Icons
- The new "Manage Icons" dialog box gives an overview of your current favorites menu icons with buttons to pick a new icon or reset the default icon for each favorite
- Click the new button "Icons" in the Settings window (lower right) or add to your menu the QAP Feature named "Icons"
- In Options (General tab), the numeric value "Manage Icons window rows" alloow to set the height of the window in case the height is calculated based on inaccurate info returned by Windows (this happens sometimes)
Various improvements
Settings window
- New color buttons in Settings window and a new option (first tab) to "Use  classic QAP buttons" (black & white) if you prefer the old style buttons
- Stop rebuilding all menus after each add or edit favorite
- Replace the "Save" button in Settings with two buttons: "Save & Close" and "Save & Reload", the latter keeping the Settings window open after reloading the menu (this replaces holding the Shift or Alt modifier keys when clicking the Save button in previous versions)
- When changes are unsaved in the Settings window, if the QAP menu is called or if a favorite is launched via hokey, QAP will prompt user for one of these actions: "Save" - save settings, "Settings" - go to settings or "Cancel" - just cancel the requested action
- Add a confirmation prompt before deleting a group in Settings
Manage Hotkeys window
- New item order column in Hotkeys list to sort initialy favorites with hotkeys following the QAP menu order
- Stop displaying group members in Hotkeys list (this was useless since hotkeys could not be assigned to individual group members)
- In the "Change hotkey" dialog box, new links "Enter" and "Escape" allow to select Enter or Escape as hotkey (idealy associated with keyboard modifiers like Shift, Alt or Ctrl)
Shared menus
- When saving a Shared menu settings file, compare the last modified date after saving and display an error message if the date was not updated (probably because the target file is read-only)
- Display an error message if a new Shared menu settings file cannot be created (probably because the target folder is read-only)
- Automatically append the .ini extension when selecting a Shared menu settings file
- Note that Quick Access Popup still does not manage conflicts if a Shared menu is modified by different users at the same time (see Shared menu help page for more info)
Other improvements
- New option in Options window (Menu hotkeys tab) to enable left or right double Ctrl hotkey (press left or right Control key twice) to open main QAP menu
- Add .cmd extension to the list of supported application extensions (with .exe, .com, .bat, .ahk and .vbs) when adding a favorite by drag and drop or using Explorer context menus
- Append .ini extension if destination export file has no extension when exporting settings
- Replace the "QAP working" notification when rebuilding menu with a small popup message listing the updated menus, close to mouse cursor location
- Record Windows Explorer window position when adding a folder from Windows Explorer context menu (allowing to restore this window position in the "Window Options" tab when launching the folder)
- Add to QuickAccessPopup.ini the setting "AlternativeTrayIcon" under "[Global]" section to set a tray icon replacement (replacement file must be an .ico file)
- In Options, General tab, the new checkbox "Add automatically at the top of menu" makes sure favorites added automatically with "Add this folder", "Add this folder Express" or "Add favorite" from Windows Explorer context menus are added at the top of main menu (by default they are added at the top and, if unchecked, they are added at the bottom)
- Support the new placeholder "{CUR_LOC}" in folder, document and application favorites locations allowing to create favorite with a location relative to the folder where the QAP menu is opened
- Add up/down buttons to numeric values in various settings in Options and Add/Edit favorite windows
- When installing an update with the "Easy Setup" mode, reduce the number of pages (clicks) in setup procedure from 7 to 3
Bug fixes
- Fix bug working directory not being shown in edit favorite advanced setting tab for application favorites
- Changes made in Hotkeys list window are now properly cancelled if user cancels changes in Settings window
- Fix bug when editing a QAP Feature or Special folder favorite from Alternative menu, QAP Feature or Special folders drop down list is now correctly initialized
Language updates
- Update to Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chineese (TW), Brazilian-Portuguese and German language files

Version: (2016-10-30)
- Reduce the number of pages (clicks) in setup procedure from 7 to 3 when installing an update
- Language update for German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian-Portuguese and Chineese (TW)
- Fix bug working directory not being shown in edit favorite advanced tab for application favorites

Version: (2016-10-13)
- Update RECOMMENDED: improvements against risk of QAP submenus favorites data loss
- add external menu values external path and loaded in menu object backup
- when loading submenu favorite from ini file, recreate menu path in case the value is empty (possible for settings saved with v7.4.0.2 to v7.4.2)
Version: (2016-10-09)
- Update RECOMMENDED: risk of QAP favorites data loss
- Fix bug when canceling changes to Favorites list in Settings, that could then potentially cause loss of data if saving new changes to settings file after cancellation
Version: 7.5.4 (2016-09-23)
Application favorites
- in advanced settings, support placeholders {CUR_...} for current location where this favorite is launched: {CUR_LOC} (full folder), {CUR_NAME} (last folder), {CUR_DIR} (folder containing last folder) or {CUR_DRIVE}
- in advanced settings, add a check box to set the "Start In" directory (working directory) to the current location where this favorite is launched
- more info in
Various bux fixes or little improvements
- backup [Favorites] under the name [Favorites-backup] section in settings file before save the new favorites
- when using Add this folder command, if folder path starts with "ftp://", add an FTP favorite
- in Settings, block backdoors allowing to enter in read-only shared menu or to move items to these menus
Total Commander
- in TC Directory Hotlist, support folders relying on file system plugins like VirtualPanel (stop checking if file exist before launching these folders with TC)
Directory Opus
- fix bug then folder includes special characters (like ') when getting the current lister in DOpus (used in Add this folder and in current location placeholders)
Language updates
- German, Sweeden, Portuguese, Brazilian-Portuguese and Italian

Version: 7.5.3 (2016-09-15)
(release for translators only at this time)
- block all ways to enter in read-only shared menu in Settings or to move items to a read-only shared menu
- backup [Favorites] under the name [Favorites-backup] section in settings file before save the new favorites
- when using Add this folder command, if folder path starts with "ftp://", add an FTP favorite

Version: 7.5.2 (2016-09-12)
(Sorry for multiple updates in last days... Once found, I did not want to leave this bug out anymore)
- fix bug main settings backup files being deleted/overwritten when the main menu includes a shared menu
Version: 7.5.1 (2016-09-11) * Must upgrade for v7.5 users
- fix bug: after switching settings, QAP menu hotkeys could not be read and modified in Options
Version: 7.5 (2016-09-11)
Import/Export Settings
- add "Import/Export Settings" menu to Tray menu (right-click QAP icon in Notification zone)
- add "Import/Export Settings" to QAP Features list allowing to insert this feature to your QAP menu
- choose to import or export any or all of these settings groups: favorites, hotkeys, alternative menu hotkeys, global settings and themes
- export QuickAccessPopup.ini sections to any existing or to a new configuration (.ini) file
- import from any existing .ini file complying with QuickAccessPopup.ini structure
- replace or append favorites to the destination settings file
- check for unsaved settings before importing or exporting setings
- reload QAP after settings import
Switch Settings file
- add "Switch Settings file" menu to Tray menu (right-click QAP icon in Notification zone)
- add "Switch Settings" feature to QAP Features list allowing to insert this feature to your QAP menu
- change the settings file (.ini) to any file complying with QuickAccessPopup.ini structure
- check for unsaved settings before switching settings file
- reload QAP after switching to a new settings file
- settings file can be configured from command-line parameter "/Settings:", for example: QuickAccessPopup.exe "/Settings:C:\My Folder\My Settings.ini"
- settings fle name can include environment variable and support relative paths based on the QAP working directory
Other changes or bug fixes
- Total Commander "TC Hotlist" menu can be updated when AlternateUserIni parameter is used in [Configuration] section of wincmd.ini
- QAP feature to "Switch" applications now excludes "ghost" Windows 10 apps (pre-loaded by Windows but never used)
- context menus now use QAPmessenger.exe v1.1 with diagnostic code saved to QAP working directory when debugging is activated
- addition of xplorer2 (v3.2.0.2) to list of supported alternative file managers in QAPconnect.ini
- include external menus in hokeys manager list
- display localized favorite type in hotkeys manager list
- German language update

Version: 7.4.3 (2016-08-23)
Bug fix
- revert change done in in v7.4.0.2 and save again to settings the path (for example: "> submenu-1 > submenu-2") for favorites of types Menu, Group and Shared; this fixes the broken shortcuts for favorite of these types.
- NOTE for users of Shared menus: favorite shortcuts for items inside shared menus will work only if shared menus has same path from main menu (Main > submenu-1 > submenu-2) on all QAP installations that include this shared menu (this does not impact read-only external menus)
Version: 7.4.2 (2016-08-22)
** This version fixes a bug in v7.4.1 released yesterday **
- fix a bug not showing some icons for favorite Special folders (My documents, etc.) and possibly other folders
New features:
- Alternative menu features available in regular menu using keyboard modifiers when selecting a favorite in the popup menu (Shift for "Open in New Window", Control for "Copy Favorite Location" and Shift+Control for "Edit Favorite")
- when clicking the "Save" button in the "Settings" window, save the favorites without closing the "Settings" window if Shift or Control is pressed
Language files
- updated Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Portuguese-Brazilian, German and Sweden language files
Icons and desktop.ini (Windows folder icons)
- when building a menu, if an icon has a relative path, make it absolute based on the QAP working directory
- when retrieving an icon from a desktop.ini file, if the folder location has a relative path, make it absolute based on the QAP working directory before reading desktop.ini
- when retrieving an icon from a desktop.ini file, if the icon resource file has a relative path, make it absolute based on the favorite folder (not the QAP working directory)
- when creating a desktop.ini file if the icon resource file is located in the favorite folder itself, create the icon resource file without its path in order to make it relative to the folder and movable with the folder
Other improvements or bug fixes
- feature change: when using "Add This Folder", the "Use default window position" option is now checked (QAP still records the current window position but user must uncheck the option to restore window position when opening the favorite folder)
- simplifiy "Change folder in dialog boxes" option (no more double checkbox)
- show the "Change folder in dialog boxes" alert just before opening a favorite instead of before showing the menu and show it only the first time the user selects a favorite folder over a dialog box
- display proper error message when trying to launch a Link favorite with invalid URL
- fix bug for beta testers, check for update prompt was not skipped for new beta version after user asked to skipped it
- fix a bug in v7.4.1 not showing some icons for favorite of type "Special"

Version: 7.4.1 (2016-08-21)
Same features as v7.4.2 except:
- fix a bug in v7.4.1 not showing some icons for favorite of type "Special"

Version: 7.4 (2016-07-31)
New in v7.4: Hidden favorites (disabled favorites)
- add favorite option "Hide this favorite in menu" in all types of favorites
- hidden favorites are displayed in favorites list and hotkeys list with type name between parenthesis
Bug fixes
- fix bug when column breaks are inserted in submenus
- make Total commander open folders in new window in the TC active pane instead of always in the left pane
- close QAP automatically if it is running when updating or uninstalling with setup tool

Version: 7.3.2 (2016-07-03)
- completely fix bug Directory Opus and Total Commander path not saved to ini file
- add a note to dialog box about Windows delay when changing folder icon with desktop.ini
- update to Spanish, French, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese language files
See the new VIDEO about MANAGING MENU ICONS in Quick Access Popup

Version: 7.3.1 (2016-06-26)
- fix a compilation error in v7.3 impacting icons display
- adapted icons management to new icon file imageres.dll dated 2015-10-30 in Windows 10
- minor bug fixes

Version: 7.3 (2016-06-22)
Context menus
- context menus for: Explorer folders and files icons, Explorer background (white space) and Desktop background
- context menu actions (right-click): Add Folder to menu, Add File to menu, Show menu
- context menu advanced actions (Shift + right-click): Add Folder to menu Express, Add File to menu Express, Show Alternative menu
For the standard "Easy one-step" installation users (Setup)
- change to setup procedure to create registry keys for QAP context menu at installation and removed them when user uninstalls the app (using Inno Setup tool)
- add a check box in Option ("General" tab) to enable/disable QAP Explorer context menus (enabling or disabling scripts will ask to run with elevated administrator privileges)
- creation of the context menus help page (
- fix bug in the uninstall procedure that was not properly checking that QAP was not running before uninstalling it (now, QAP must be closed by the user before installing and uninstalling it)
- fix bug that prevented the Startup folder shortcut to be removed when uninstalling the app 
Changes for portable installation users
- addition to the portable package of the scripts to add and delete manually QAP Explorer context menus: QuickAccessPopup-InstallContextMenus_reg.txt and QuickAccessPopup-RemoveContextMenus_bat.txt (see instructions in these files)
- addition of the executable file QAPmessenger-1_0-32-bit.exe required to send commands from the Explorer context menus to QAP (this file should be saved in the same folder as the QAP executable file)
Other changes (all users)
- add a check box in Add Application favorite dialog box (in "Advanced Settings" tab) to run favorite application with elevated privileges using the "Run as" command
- for QAP users upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10, add the utility to adapt references to icons in the new Windows 10 icons files (see the startup menu "Update QAP Icons from Window 7 to Windows 10" or run the file "QAPupdateIconsWin10-1_0-32-bit.exe")
- when "Add This Folder" command is called from QAP icon in the Notification zone, reactivate the last used file manager window to detect the folder to add
- when called from QAP icon in the Notification zone, display the popup menu a little higher than the taskbar area (preventing occasional overlap)
- disable QAP hotkeys when changing hotkeys, solving assignement issues in some situation
- change license to the Apache License, Version 2.0 (still freeware and open source)

Version: (2016-05-25)
- change Add This Folder icon for an icon identical in previous and current version of Windows 10 icons file (imageres.dll)
Version: 7.2.2 (2016-05-24)
- implement macro snippet commands Sleep, SetKeyDelay and KeyWait
- add configurable prompt before pasting a text snippet or launching a macro snippet
- fix bug Alternative menu Edit a favorite and Copy favorite location not working with snippets
- fix bug when launching Snippet using Alternative menu "Open in new window"
Shared menus (aka External menus)
- in Add Favorite dialog and other boxes, change "External menu" to "Shared menu"
- new language Portuguese (PT), thanks to Luis Neves
- new language Simplified Chinese language (ZH-CN), thanks to Jess Yang
- do not display "None" in startup notification if mouse or keyboard hotkey is not used
- in What's new dialog box, add a vertical scroll bar when the text zone is very long
- if a startup shortcut for FoldersPopup exists after QAP installation, remove it
- fix bug double-click on separator was displaying wrong message "cannot be copied"

Version: 7.2.1 (2016-05-03)
- add new favorite type "Snippet" to paste pieces of text from the QAP popup menu or hotkeys
- snippet is pasted to the active window at the current insertion point
- an option in "Advanced settings" can make a snippet be sent as "Text" (default) or as "Macro"
- snippets of type "Text" are pasted to the active window using the clipboard (the original clipboard content is preserved)
- snippets of type "Macro" are sent as keystrokes supporting AHK special characters (handle with care - see help page)
- if snippet is selected by clicking on Taskbar, on QAP icon in Notification area (Tray icon) or on Desktop, a keyboard pause allows user to select the insertion point and press the Enter key to start pasting (timeout after 10 seconds)
- in snippet text, end-of-line and tab characters can be processed automatically or entered as special codes (`n for new line and `t for tab)
- add help link in Add/Edit favorite for snippets
- add "External menu" favorite type allowing to load favorites from a shared .ini file
- external menu can be modified as regular submenus
- external menu can be made read-only by adding the value "MenuReadOnly=1" in the ini file [Global] section
- first favorite number in external settings file can be configured in "Advanced settings"
- external menu settings file path supports relative paths, environment variables, UNC and HTTP paths
- if external menu settings file cannot be loaded properly, give an error message, display menu as unavailable in Settings favorites list and block menu editing
- removing an external menu from QAP menu does not delete the external menu settings file
- add help link in Add/Edit favorite for external menus
Bug fixes
- fix bug Settings window occasionally opening inavertandly when clicking on the QAP tray icon (when Total Commander and Directory Opus as file manager only)
- option "Open Menu on Taskbar" is now considered
- column breaks now inserted in menu when called from a hotkey and now inserted at the correct position in submenus
- stop checking for prod update if user decide to download the newest beta version
- stop launching directory opus when refreshing the list of open folders in listers if directory opus is not running
- add the auto-detection of .ahk and .vbs extensions when user add a favorite using drag-and-drop to the settings window
- French, Italian and Swedish language update new v7.2 features
- new runtime v1.1.23.5 from AHK

Version: 7.2.1 (2016-05-03)
- incomplete release, fixed by v7.2.1

Version: 7.1.10 (2016-04-03)
The "close menu issue" identified in previous version has been solved by adding an option allowing users facing this issue to append a "Close this menu" item to all menus. For more information, please read
- add the option "Add Close to menus" to prevent the "close menu issue" (Options dialog box, first tab)
- if option "Add Close to menus" is on, add "Close this menu" to main, alternative menu and dynamic menus
Minor bug fixes
- Start in folder (Working directory) in application favorites now properly passed to the application
- exclusion list in Options is now considered only for QAP mouse button (middle mouse button by default), not for keyboard hotkey (Windows+W by default)
- set window info and menu position for alternative menu hotkey command
- set menu position when menu is called from a hotkey
- correctly set target window when favorite is called from a favorite hotkey or when submenu is called from a menu favorite hotkey
- better error messages if a target app (Explorer, Console, other file manager, etc.) is unknown when trying to open a favorite

Version: 7.1.9 (2016-03-28)
Sorry for the numerous updates in the last week. I'm fighting against an intermittent issue probably caused by Windows preventing users from closing the popup menu by clicking outside of the menu or by hitting the Escape key as they would do normally. I tried various method to get around this issue but, in the end, these changes had side-effects worst than the initial issue. For this reason, I reverted some of these changes and will start a beta test with users accepting to give feedback about this issue and some new features (see website page "Support / Beta Test Page"). Until this issue is resolved, I added the QAP Feature named "Close this menu" that you can insert in the main menu to close the menu by clicking this item.
- reverting to v7.1.4 before tentative patches to fix the "close menu issue", keeping the following changes in v7.1.5 to v7.1.8:
- add the QAP feature "Close this menu" to force closing the menu when the issue is present
- add the "Close this menu" to the default menu created at first QAP execution (actual users must add it manually - Settings, Add buton, QAP Feature, Close this menu)
- various bugs not related to the "close menu issue"
- addition of Chineese Traditional (Taiwanese Mandarin, ZH-TW), thanks to Jess Yang, and update to other language files

Version: 7.1.8 (2016-03-25)
- fix the issue closing the popup menu by clicking elsewhere or hitting Escape key (internal changes to keep focus on scripts hidden window and on script's popup menu)
- fix bug "Open Menu on Taskbar" option not being considered (menu was always shown regardless of the option)
- fix bug in "Add This Folder Express" window position not correctly saved
- avoid writing diag info if diag mode is off
- fix wording for Traditional Chinese language in about text and language dropdown menu

Version: 7.1.7 (2016-03-22)
- fix "Add This Folder" bug caused by safety coded introduced in v7.1.5
- addition of Chineese Traditional language (Taiwanese Mandarin, ZH-TW), thanks to Jess Yang
- update to Spanish and Sweeden language files

Version: 7.1.6 (2016-03-20)
- v7.1.6 is fixing (another) version number error in v7.1.5
- v7.1.5 and v7.1.6 have the same feature set
Version: 7.1.5 (2016-03-20)
- safety code to keep the focus on the popup menu, preventing the issue where, in some situations, the menu was not closed when clicking elsewhere or hitting Escape
- add the QAP feature "Close this menu" to force closing the popup menu if the issue mentionned above is still present
- add the "Close this menu" to the default menu created at first QAP execution
NOTE to actual users: If you want to use it, add this new QAP feature to your main menu manually. Go to "Settings", "Add" buton, "QAP Feature", "Close this menu" and save it.
- update to Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese language files
Bug fixes:
- additional code to fix bug mouse pointer staying in "wait" state by error when saving options
- keep command line parameters when reloading after changing language or theme in options

Version: 7.1.4 (2016-03-14)
- v7.1.4 is fixing a version number error in v7.1.3
- v7.1.3 and v7.1.4 have the same feature set
Version: 7.1.3 (2016-03-14)
- fix bug "Display Menu Icons" option being unchecked be error after saving options
- fix bug mouse pointer staying in "wait" state by error in some situations

Version: 7.1.2 (2016-02-21)
- in upgrade dialog box, stop quitting QAP before downloading the new setup or portable install file (let user quit QAP during install)
- fix website URL if user checks for update, already has at the current version and decide to visit the website
- fix bug in disabling Display menu icons checkbox in Option when running on a server OS (menu icons are only supported on workstations)

Version: 7.1.1 (2016-02-15)
- fix black background bug on check for update screen for users using themes
- fix wincmd.ini validation bug when adding a QAP feature

Version: 7.1 (2016-02-14)
- more friendly upgrade process with dialog box, direct download links and easy access to change log (will be visible when upgrading from 7.1 to next version)
- add "Shutdown Computer" and "Restart Computer" QAP features (existing users, select in "Add favorite" dialog box, and select favorite type "QAP Feature")
- add a "Restart Quick Access Popup" menu in the QAP system menu (right-click on the QAP icon in the Notification Area) to reload QAP after changes to the ini file
- create the QAPconnect.ini file from a default master if it does not already exist in the working directory (QAPconnect.ini will not be overwritten anymore when installing a new version)
- add the "TC Directory Hotlist" QAP feature showing the TC hotlist content in a hierarchical submenu
  > for new users, "TC Directory Hotlist" menu is added to QAP main menu at the very first use of QAP if Total Commander is detected during installation
  > existig users select in "Add favorite" dialog box, and select favorite type "QAP Feature" and choose "TC Directory Hotlist"
- add an option in "Options", "File Managers" tab, to set the TotalCommander WinCmd.ini file location
- support relative path and environment variables for WinCmd.ini path
- support Windows environment variables in TC Directory hotlist locations
- fix a bug in code refreshing Clipboard menu causing crash in some situations
- fix a bug in check for update, not remembering when user want to skip the new version
- make Total Commander and Directory Opus application paths saved in ini file as portable values (relative path including environment variables)

Version: 7.0.6 (2016-02-07)
- added Italian translation (thanks to Riccardo Leone!) and fixes to German translation
- add a one-time message informing users who open the QAP menu in a dialog box that an option has to be enabled in order to change folder in a dialog box

Version: 7.0.4/7.0.5 (2016-02-03)
- "Run at startup" and "check for updates" options enabled by default only when using the setup install mode (not enabled in portable install mode to make QAP fully compliant with The Portable Freeware Collection)
- allow top and left positions to be negative in "Add/Edit favorite" dialog box, "Window Options" tab
- fixes in English text and German translation
- in v7.0.5 only version number was changed for internal reason

Version: 7.0.3 (2016-02-03)
- fix a typo in Paypal code making QAP donation being sent as Folders Popup donation
- support negative window positions which are normal in multi monitor workspaces
- updated translation tool for production version

Version: 7.0.2 (2016-02-01)
- temporarily removed code supporting PATH in Clipboard menu refresh causing slow down or crash when Clipboard contains URL

Version: 7.0.1 (2016-02-01)
- Initial release
- See for list of changes

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