Quick Access Popup Translation

Quick Access Popup is originally written in English and translated thanks to volunteer contributions. Most translations are up to date but some need to be updated.

For comments or suggestions about the translation, please use the QAP Forum Translation section.

*** Looking for a volunteer translator to take over SPANISH language. ***

Contact me for translation offers. I have stopped adding new languages for a while but let me know if you are interested in the future.

Those who are willing to engage in the translation process will have access to a Dropbox folder with the Quick Access Popup translator’s resources. The translation is done via a “tab-delimited” text file with over 900 little pieces of text. According to the previous translators, you will need around 25 hours for the initial translation. After that, there will be occasional updates translation and I would expect you to be able to translate these updates within a few days, if you can.

See the list of language currently translated.