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Quick Access Popup was originally written in English. Help for translation to other languages would be appreciated. English proof checking help would also be appreciated (English is *not* my native language).

This page is open for translation offers, suggestions, comments or question.

Those who are willing to engage in the translation process will have access to a Dropbox folder with the Quick Access Popup translator's resources. The translation is done via a "tab-delimited" text file with more than 800 little pieces of text. According to the previous translators, you will need around 25 hours for the initial translation. After that, there will be occasional updates translation and I would expect you to be able to translate these updates within a few days, if you can.

See the list of language currently translated.



Please use the new QAP Support Forum to ask questions or post comments.


  • Please add a comment to propose your services as translator.

    I'm looking for replacement translators for Dutch and Korean languages. The two translators who worked on Folders Popup translation are unfortunately unavailable at this time to update the translation for QAP.

  • Luis Neves

    If you are interested on it, I can translate QuickAcessPopup to Portuguese (Portugal) language.


    Luis Neves

  • Nelson André Hofer de Carvalho

    I would like to update the translation to Portuguese-Brazil.

    • Hi Nelson,

      Thanks for offering to translate to PT-BR. There is already someone doing it. There are a few pieces of text not translated yet for new features. I will send them to translators shortly.

      Do you want me to keep your name in case the current translator becomes unavailable?

      Also, if you have comments or suggestions about the current translation, send it to me at support@quickaccesspopup.com and I will forward it.

      Thanks again,


      • Nelson André Hofer de Carvalho

        Hi Jean,

        "Do you want me to keep your name in case the current translator becomes unavailable?" Yes.

        Best Regards,


  • Ric

    Dear Jean,

    If you wish I would like to try creating the Dutch Translation, let me hear if I can assist you in this...

    • Thank you for the offer, Ric. There was a Dutch version of Folders Popup (QAP's ancestor) but the translator was not available when I released QAP. I will follow-up with your by email.

  • Nicola Farina

    Jean, do you need help about italian translation?

    • Hi Nicola,

      Thanks for offering but there is already someone in charge of the Italian translation. If you have suggestions for this translation, please send it to me by email (support@quickaccesspopup.com) and I'll forward. it.


  • Let our team translate your program into Russian and Ukrainian languages

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Please use the new QAP Support Forum to ask questions or post comments.