Can I add multiple favorites in one click?

This feature is available with QAP v11 or more recent.

You can add multiple favorites in one operation from various sources. Select the Favorite, Add Multiple Favorites from the Customize window menu. In the dialog box, select the source of these favorites and click Continue.

The various sources are:

  • add favorites folders or applications from the favorites found in the Current Windows menu;
  • add items from the Recent Folders or the Recent Files menus;
  • add items from the Frequent Folders or the Frequent Files menus;
  • add multiple QAP Features or Special Folders;
  • add folders, documents or applications favorites from a selected folder;
  • add any types of favorites from a QAP settings file, selected from a flat list
  • add any types of favorites from a QAP settings file, selected from a hierarchical tree view (with QAP v11.1 or more recent)
  • add favorites from a CSV (comma-separated values) file (with QAP v11.6.2 or more recent).
  1. In the Menu dropdown list, select the menu where the favorites will be added.
  2. To exclude from the list the favorites already found in your menu, check the checkbox Exclude existing favorites.
  3. For favorites from QAP Settings files, Folders or CSV file only, click the Browse button to select the source file or folder.
  4. The list in the Add Multiple Favorites dialog box can be sorted by clicking on the column headers.
  5. Click the favorites you with to add to your menu.
  6. If you wish, you can edit the name of a favorite by selecting its row and pressing F2.
  7. Click Add to insert the favorites in the destination menu and click Save in the Customize window.
For many of the sources of the Add Multiple Favorites dialog box you can filter the list by keywords.
Importing favorites from a hierarchical list of favorites from a QAP settings file

Adding favorites from a CSV file

Adding from a CSV file is available using QAP v11.6.2 (or more recent). The requirements to add favorites by importing a CSV import file are:

  • The CSV file must be comma separated (to convert from tab-separated or other formats, see my other application CSV Buddy).
    • If a field includes a comma, enclose it in the field encapsulator "..." (double quotes).
    • To insert a double quote inside a field, double the double quotes and embed the field in double quotes, for example "This is a ""quoted"" word".
  • The first line of the file is the header and is required.
  • The file must have one line per favorites except for menus that also have a closing line (see the example below).

For all favorites, the only required fields are the three firsts (except for submenus where the FavoriteLocation field is empty).


Other fields are optional. Favorites types supported are:


To insert a menu separator line, simply add a line with FavoriteType X, remaining fields being empty. If the exporting app supports column breaks in menu, the FavoriteType for a column break is K, remaining fields being empty.

The possible values for the property FavoriteDisabled are: 0 (favorite enabled and visible, default value), 1 (favorite disabled and hidden) or -1 (favorite enabled but hidden in menu, shortcut/hotstring active).

In this simple example, after the header, the file contains a Folder, a line separator, a Document (with a comma in its name), a Menu containing only an Application (see the line closing the menu) and, back in the main menu, a Snippet. A last Folder favorite is hidden. In each case, except for the Menu-End line and the line separator, after the favorite type, the line includes the favorite name (that should be unique in its menu), the favorite location (or content for Snippets) and, optionally, an icon resource, a keyboard shortcut,a hotstring, etc.

Folder,My Projects,C:\Projects\,"C:\My Icons\IconFile.dll,3",+^p
Document,"Project Charter, 1234",C:\Projects\My Project Charter.docx,"C:\My Icons\IconFile.dll,5"
Menu-BEGIN,My Menu,,"C:\My Icons\IconFile.dll,8"
Application,Gantt App,C:\Apps\GanttApp\GanttApp.exe,"C:\Apps\GanttApp\GanttApp.exe,1",,,-option x,C:\Projects\
FTP,Project Repository,,"C:\My Icons\IconFile.dll,5",,,,,,username,password
Snippet,My ProjectName,Project ABC,,,"::,pn"
Folder,Hidden Folder,C:\Program Files,,,,,,,,,1

Select the favorites you wish to add to in your menu and click the Add button.

Submenu can be embedded, for example:

Menu-BEGIN,My Menu,,"C:\My Icons\IconFile.dll,8"
Menu-BEGIN,My SubMenu,,"C:\My Icons\IconFile.dll,8"
Menu-BEGIN,My SubSubMenu,,"C:\My Icons\IconFile.dll,8"