Can I add on the fly a favorite for the folder or the web page I am already in?

The QAP Features Add Active Folder or Web page and Add Active Folder or Web page Express allow to quickly add the current folder or web page to your menu. You can add folders this way in Explorer windows or in file dialog box windows (if this option is enabled) and you can add links to web pages in most web browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.). When you are in the folder or the web page that you want to add to your menu, select one of these features.

  • If you choose Add Active Folder or Web page, it opens the Add Favorite dialog box with the menu name and location pre-filled. You can change the menu name of this new favorite and select the desired options in the various tabs. When you add a web page, QAP tries to retrieve the web page title to fill the favorite name automatically.
  • If you choose Add Active Folder or Web page Express (add this command to your menu by adding a favorite of type QAP Feature), the favorite is instantly added at the top or bottom (according to an option in the Options, Customize Window tab) of the menu where the Add Active Folder or Web page Express was used. It is filled with the normal default settings and the folder’s name as menu name. No question asked. If this name is already used, “[!]” is appended to the menu name. If you want to change some settings, open the Customize window.
  • For folders, these QAP Features record the current position of the Explorer window in the Window Options tab. If you uncheck the Use default window position, this position will be automatically restored as it was when you added the favorite.
  • When you add a web page, its title is automatically retrieved and used as name for the favorite.