Can a submenu be shared on different PCs or by different users?

Yes. Shared menus allow to manage favorites in a setting file that can be shared by different users or used by the same user on different computers. The Shared menu settings file can be saved on a network drive or a shared folder (like Dropbox) and used on different PCs. Add a Shared menu from the Add Favorite dialog box. In the Shared Menu tab, select the type of usage of this shared menu:


  • A Shared menu can contain any type of favorites, except other Shared menus.
  • Shortcuts associated to favorites in Shared menu are saved in the Shared menu itself. However, if the same shortcut is used in more than one favorite in different files, only one of these favorite shortcuts will be active.
  • If favorites in a Shared menu are saved on a cloud drive folder (like DropBox), you can use user variables (like {Dropbox}) if the cloud drive root directory is not at same locations on the various systems of the shared menu users.
  • Even if QAP provides protection against synchronization conflicts (when users are editing a menu at the same time), syncing issues may (rarely) occur for users working on cloud synchronization platforms like Dropbox or Google Drive that cannot accomplish full real-time syncing.
  • Users sharing menu on cloud shared drives working in different time zones should use QAP v9.0.6 (or more recent) that support sharing in different time zones.
  • Users sharing menus on network drives do not face sync or time zone issues because the shared menu file time stamp is read from the file itself.
  • Each time a Shared menu is modified and saved, a daily backup of the settings file is created with a suffix including the date of the backup, for example FileName-backup-20180812.ini; the five last backup files are kept and the older ones are deleted; backups are saved in the same folder where is kept the Shared menu file unless a backup folder is set by entering the value BackupFolder= (for example, BackupFolder=X:\SharedMenu\Backups) under the [Global] section of the Shared menu file.