[Tips] Create a submenu dedicate to links

In the tips, we will create a submenu where you will be able to add your favorite web site links without even having to open the Settings window or save your changes. This is the fasted way to build a menu!

Setting up this menu is also very quick. First, in the Settings window, click Add and select the Submenu type. Click Continue.

In the Basic Settings, enter the name of your menu.

This is not required but why not choose a custom icon for your menu? In the Menu Options tab, click the Favorite Icon and, in the Change icon dialog box, select an icon according to the subject of your links (see more help on icons). Click OK and Add to return to the Settings window.

Back in the Settings window, double-click on the new My Link entry in your menu. This will take you to your new menu, empty.

At the top the menu, you will insert a QAP Feature that will make it easy and quick to add links to your menu. Click Add, then select QAP Feature, and click Continue

In the Basic Settings tab, in the tree view list of QAP Features, click the QAP Menu Editing category and select Add this Folder or Link Express. Click Add.

When you will click this QAP feature in your menu, a new favorite links will be instantly added at the end of this menu. Why not add a line separator between the QAP Feature and the list of favorites. Click the horizontal line button on the left. Finally, click Save & Close to save your new menu.

Now, in your favorite browser (any browser), go to one of your favorite web pages and open the QAP menu in this window (click the Middle Mouse Button in the page or activate the browser window  and press Windows + W). In the QAP menu, open the My Links submenu and click Add this Folder or Link Express.

And here is the magic! After a little delay to save your new favorite, reopen your QAP menu and see the new web page added to your menu. In the following example, a second page has been added.

This type of dedicated menu can also be created with a Shared Menu. This allow team members or co-workers to build and share a list of useful links so easily. See how to create a shared menu using a file sharing system like Dropbox or a network drive.

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