How do I add a favorite to my menu?

This page has been updated for Quick Access Popup v10.

There are several ways to add favorites to your menu. But the most common one is to open the Customize window, click the Add button and, in the Add Favorite Type dialog box, select the type of favorite. For each favorite type, you see a short description on the right side. See this quick overview of favorite types.

Example with a favorite Folder

In this page, we will see the most common options, available for all favorite types, using the Folder example. Select Folder and click Continue.

See also more options about favorite folders and options for the other types of favorites:

In the first tab Basic Settings, enter the short name for your favorite. This name will appear in your menu. In the next field, select the target of your favorite. The content of this field vary depending on the favorite type. For a Folder, click Browse to select the favorite folder's location.

If whenever you want to temporarily remove this item from your menu without deleting it, click the Disable this favorite checkbox. If you only want to hide a menu item but keep its keyboard shortcut or hotstring active, check only the Hide this favorite checkbox.

In the Menu Options tab, choose in which section of your menu the new favorite will appear. In the first drop down list Favorite parent menu, select the Main menu or one of its submenus (more about submenu).

After you selected the parent menu, set the position of the new favorite in the drop down list Insert the favorite before this item.

Next, select the icon for your favorite. By default QAP chooses a default icon based on the favorite type or, for applications and their documents, the system default icon for this application. In the Windows dialog box Change icon (or Changer d'icône in my French version of Windows), select an icon in the current file or browse for another icon file. You can find icons in .EXE, .DLL and .ICO files (more about icons).

Finally, in the Menu Options tab, you can set a keyboard or mouse shortcut for your favorite folder. This will allow to open this folder without having to open and browse the menu. Beside the Shortcut field, click Change. In the Change shortcut dialog box, select the keyboard modifiers (Shift, Alt, etc.) and the mouse button or key of your shortcut (more about shortcuts). Click OK to save your shortcut. Alternatively, in the field below, you can also assign a hotstring to launch your favorite (more about hotstrings).

There are other options in the remaining tabs but these options will be covered in the FAQ pages dedicated to adding the various types of favorites (see the list in the text box at the top of this page).

To save your new favorite, click the Add button and do not forget to save your changes by clicking one of the big buttons Save & Close or Save in the Customize window.

See your new favorite in your menu. In this example, we added the favorite:

  • to the My Project Submenu submenu
  • before the Project Charter item
  • with a calendar and clock icon
  • and the shortcut Shift + Control + P


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