Can I embellish my popup menu with my preferred icons?

By default, Quick Access Popup select icons based various criteria. For documents, it shows the default icon for the document type (based on filename extension). For applications, it reads the default icon in the application executable file. For QAP features, it use a default image representing the feature’s action. Finally, for folders, it use the plain basic folder icon or the folder’s custom icon if one has been assigned in Windows file system.

You can assign your own custom icons to favorites in the Menu Options tab of the Add / Edit Favorite window. You can pick icons in any .EXE, .DLL or .ICO file. You can even build an .ICO file with your own images (PNG or JPG files) using your image editor or free web tools like


Click on the icon or on the Change icon link to select another icon from the current icon file or browse for another file. Direct links allow to select icons in my JLicons file, in Shell32 or ImageRes Windows files. You can also select No icon.

See how to manage the icons of all your favorite’s icons in a single dialog box: Can I manage all my menu icons in one screen?. See also: How to sync your menu folder icons and Windows folders icons.

And see this video on QAP icons.


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