How do I open the QAP Settings window?

The Settings window is where you add or edit your favorites. It is also where you can access the Options, Hotkeys, Hotstrings and Icons dialog boxes. You can open the Settings window in different ways.

  • The most common way is to click the Settings... menu item in the QAP menu (see How do I display the Quick Access Popup menu?); this item is included in the default menu created the first time you run QAP:

  • As the menu shows, you can also hit the Shift+Control+S hotkey to open the Settings window.

By default, the Settings window is displayed at the last position you used it, except on dual-display or multiple-monitor systems. On these systems, the Settings window is displayed on the "active" monitor. QAP detects the active monitor based on the mouse or active window position when you opened the QAP menu.

If you prefer the Settings window to be always open on the same monitor, you can uncheck the option Open Settings window on Active monitor on the General tab of the Options window. Also, if you prefer the window to be always displayed at the same position, uncheck the other option Remember Settings window position.


Customizing the Settings menu

You could move the Settings... menu item up or down, to any submenu or change the menu hotkey to anything better fitting your preferences by editing the Settings... item in the favorites list.

If whenever you removed the Settings menu, you can always open the Settings window from the QAP system menu by right-clicking on the QAP icon in the Notification zone.

If you need to restore the Settings... menu item in your QAP menu, click the Add button, select the type QAP Feature and choose Settings... in the QAP Feature dropdown list (more info on adding favorites in How do I add a favorite to my menu?

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