How do I add Windows Special Folders to my menu?

Adding one of the 50 Windows Special Folders to your menu is as easy as adding a normal folder, and even easier. All you have to do is to select the Special folder in one of the section of the Special Folders tree view, grouped by type of usage:

  • Basic for folders used by everyday usage;
  • Power User for folders used by more advanced users;
  • Sysadmin for PC and network administrative tasks;
  • Contents for folders related to various media;
  • Hardware for folders about PC components.

In addition, the section All (alphabetical order) at the bottom of the tree view shows all 50 Special Folders.

When you select a Special Folders in the tree view, its name is automatically entered in the Short name for menu text zone (if it was not already filled) and the default icon for this special folder is selected in the Menu Options tab. You can change these default name and icon. In the Menu Options tab, as for other types of favorites, you can also select in what submenu and at what position the Special Folder will be inserted, as well as assigning it a shortcut or an hotstring.

Settings in the Window Options tab are identical to those of Folders favorites, as described in the FAQ page about advanced options for favorite folders.