Can a submenu be shared as a team or workgroup collaborative tool?

Yes. Shared menus is an easy and convenient way for teams and workgroups to share links to documents, applications, folders, text snippets or any other resource. Designed for collaboration, any user having access to the shared menu can add or update favorites or submenus. The shared menu file can be saved on a network drive or a shared folder using a file synchronization tool (like Dropbox). QAP fully supports collaborative work avoiding modification conflicts.

Note: See notes and other types of shared menus: Can a submenu be shared on different PCs or by different users?

Adding a Collaborative Shared Menu

  1. To create or add a shared menu, in the Add Favorite dialog box, select Shared Menu and press Continue. If the Shared Menus Catalogue is enabled, you are offered to add a menu from the catalogue (you can also add a shared menu or create a new shared menu regardless of the catalogue by clicking the Add another shared menu… button).
  2. In the Shared menu settings file location, enter the path and file name of the external settings file. File extension must be .ini. If the settings file already exists, its content will be added to your popup menu. If it does not exist, it is created as an empty submenu.
  3. In the Short name for menu text zone, enter or edit the name of the new submenu if required.
  4. For a new shared menu, in the Shared Menu tab, select Collaborative and enter the shared menu name (this info is saved in the shared menu file itself for future users of this menu).
  5. If you share your menu on a cloud drive (like Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive), select the option Could drive to make sure QAP takes time zones difference into account when checking if a menu has been modified by another user since it was loaded on your system.
  6. Set Menu Options as usual and save the new favorite.

Quick Access Popup offer teams and groups of users collaborative features allowing to benefits from the favorites found and maintained by co-workers. Quick Access Popup prevents the current user to overwrite changes done by another user since its QAP menu was loaded. To avoid Collaborative Shared menu files modifications conflicts, Quick Access Popup alerts you if:

  • another user is making changes to the menu;
  • your menu was updated by another user since you refreshed QAP (external menus are refreshed when you open the Customize window and, again, when you open a Shared menu in the Customize window).