Can a submenu be used by the same user on different system using a personal shared folder?

Yes. Personal shared menus allow you to keep some of your favorites in a menu setting file that could be accessed on different PCs using file synchronization tool (like Dropbox) or a network drive.

Note: See notes and other types of shared menus: Can a submenu be shared on different PCs or by different users?

Adding a Personal Shared Menu

  1. To create or add a shared menu, in the Add Favorite dialog box, select Shared Menu and press Continue.
  2. In the Shared menu settings file location, enter the path and file name of the external settings file. File extension must be .ini. If the settings file already exists, its content will be added to your popup menu. If it does not exist, it is created as an empty submenu.
  3. In the Short name for menu text zone, enter or edit the name of the new submenu if required.
  4. In the Shared Menu tab, select Personal.
  5. Set Menu Options as usual and save the new favorite.

Conflicts management
In Personal mode, Quick Access Popup alerts you if:

  • changes to your shared menu were left unchanged on another of your computers;
  • your menu was updated on another PC since you refreshed QAP (shared menus are refreshed when you open the Customize window and, again, when you open a Shared menu in the Customize window).