Can a submenu be shared on different PCs or by different users?

Yes. Shared menus allow to manage favorites in a setting file that can be shared by different users or used by the same user on different computers. The Shared menu settings file can be saved on a network drive or a shared folder (like Dropbox) and used on different PCs. Add a Shared menu from the Add Favorite dialog box. In the Shared Menu tab, select the type of usage of this shared menu:


  • A Shared menu can contain any type of favorites, except other Shared menus.
  • Hotkeys (keyboard or mouse shortcuts) associated to favorites in a Shared menu are not saved in the Shared menu. All hotkeys are saved in user's personal settings and are not shared.
  • Even if QAP provides protection against synchronization conflicts (when users are editing a menu at the same time), syncing issues may (rarely) occur for users working on synchronization platforms like Dropbox or Google Drive that cannot accomplish full real-time syncing. Users sharing menus on network drives will not face these issues.


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