Can I display the QAP menu from the command-line or from a batch file?

You do it with the QAP executable companion QAPmessenger.exe installed in the QAP application folder. This utility is used to send commands to QAP from the Windows Explorer Context menus. But you can also use it this utility to call the QAP menu from the command line, a batch file, a Windows shortcut, etc.

Enter one of the following lines at the command prompt, in a .BAT file line or in the Target field in a Windows shortcut. Replace C:\Program Files\Quick Access Popup\QAPmessenger.exe with the current path and filename of QAPmessenger in your setup.

The first line shows the regular menu. The second line shows the same menu but will change the folder in the current Windows Explorer window (for favorites of type Folder or Special) instead of opening a new window:

"C:\Program Files\Quick Access Popup\QAPmessenger.exe" ShowMenuLaunch

"C:\Program Files\Quick Access Popup\QAPmessenger.exe" ShowMenuNavigate

You can also use these commands to popup a specific submenu. Enclose in double-quotes  (greater than + space) and the name of the submenu, for example:

"C:\Program Files\Quick Access Popup\QAPmessenger.exe" ShowMenuLaunch "> MySubMenu"

"C:\Program Files\Quick Access Popup\QAPmessenger.exe" ShowMenuLaunch "> MySubMenu > 2nd Level"

The last example shows the Alternative menu:

"C:\Program Files\Quick Access Popup\QAPmessenger.exe" ShowMenuAlternative

See also how you can use a command-line to add favorites to your menu.