When do I need to use the QAP icon in the Notifications Area?

This page has been updated for Quick Access Popup v10.

The Quick Access Popup icon in the Notification Area (System Tray) has two functions: menu launcher and System menu.

Right-click the icon in the Notification area to open the QAP System menu:

  • open the Customize dialog box;
  • select one of the commands available in the Customize menu bar (File, Favorite, etc.)
  • select the Run at Startup option to launch QAP automatically;
  • use the Check for update menu to discover if you should download a new QAP version;
  • and select Exit Quick Access Popup to unload QAP from the active memory.
  • find how to support QAP development.

Left-click on the Quick Access Popup icon in the Notification area to open your favorites menu. This menu is always available in the Tray. When you select a folder, it is open in the most recently active Windows Explorer window or in a new window, depending on the option selected in the Options, File Managers tab.

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