When do I need to use the QAP icon in the Notifications Area?

The Quick Access Popup icon in the Notification Area (System Tray) has two functions: menu launcher and System menu.

Open the QAP system menu

Launch favorites menu

  • Left-click on the Quick Access Popup icon in the Notification area to open your favorites menu. This menu is always available in the Tray. When you select a folder, it is open in the most recently active Windows Explorer window or in a new window, depending on the option selected in the File Managers tab in the Options window.

  • Right-click the icon in the Notification area to open the QAP System menu:
    • open the Settings dialog box;
    • click Edit QuickAccesssPopup.ini file to fine tune your settings (more info; make sure you have a safe backup before editing this file);
    • Under the Settings file options... submenu:
      • choose Switch Settings file to load alternative menu and settings;
      • choose Switch to default settings file to restore the settings file in the default location;
      • select Import/Export Settings to exchange menu and settings with another system or user (more info);
    • choose Restart Quick Access Popup after changes has been made to the ini file;
    • choose Refresh Live Folders and Shared menus to refresh the QAP menu with changes in Live folders or Shared menus;
    • select the Run at Startup option to launch QAP automatically;
    • click Suspend Hotkeys to temporarily disable all QAP hotkeys (mouse triggers and keyboards shortcuts);
    • choose Restore Settings window position to move the Settings window to the center of main screen, in case it would become invisible following changes in screen configuration (more info);
    • use the Check for update menu to discover if you should download a new QAP version;
    • open the Help, About and Donate windows;
    • and select Exit Quick Access Popup to unload QAP from the active memory.

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