Can I speed up the QAP menu display by having dynamic menus detached from the main menu?

By default, the Drives, Recent Folders and Recent Files menus are displayed as part of the main menu (“attached”). But, because these menus have to be refreshed before being shown, this could slow down the display of your main menu (this would happen only on relatively slow systems or drives). In this case, you could ask QAP to display these items in a “detached” (or stand-alone) menus. For this, uncheck the checkbox Attach all dynamic menus to QAP main menu in the Options dialog box, Popup Menu tab.

When these menus are “attached”, you may notice a slight refresh delay when you invoke the QAP menu. This delay is caused by the time it takes to Windows to provide the refreshed information required to display the Drives, Recent Folders and Recent Files menus. Because Windows does not always provide this info instantly, the delay may vary at each display of the popup menu. Again, this would be an issue on relatively slow systems.

Update: If the QAP database is enabled (in Options, Database tab), QAP caches the dynamic menus content in its database and refresh them with a background task. This eliminates the need to display the dynamic menus in a detached menu.