QAP stops loading with an error message. What happened?

If you use QAP v11.5.3 or more recent, you could see this message alerting you that the last time your favorites were saved, QAP was interrupted before completing its task. When this happens, QAP loads your previous settings and your recent changes are lost. To avoid this error in the future, make sure QAP completes its saving before turning off your computer.

You could also see this error message.

Two reasons can explain this error message:

1) something wrong happened interrupting QAP while it was saving your settings and QAP could not react to fix it;

or 2) you edited the settings file manually and did not respect the structure of the settings file (see What is the structure of QAP settings (ini) file?)

The easiest way to solve this issue is to restore your latest settings backup. You can do it by renaming your current QuickAccessPopup.ini to QuickAccessPopup-broken.ini and renaming your latest backup to QuickAccessPopup.ini.

  1. Open the QAP working directory in your file manager. In the Customize window, select File, Open QAP working directory (pre-v10 users, see What’s the QAP working directory?).
  2. Close QAP before renaming the settings file: select File, Exit Quick Access Popup.
  3. Rename QuickAccessPopup.ini to QuickAccessPopup-broken.ini.
  4. Find your latest backup file and copy it in your QAP working directory. Your backup files are saved in the Main settings file backup folder set in Options, General tab.
  5. Rename this file from something like QuickAccessPopup-backup-20210219.ini (the last part of the file name is the backup date in “YYYYMMDD” format) to QuickAccessPopup.ini.
  6. Restart QAP.