What’s the QAP settings folder (also known as “working directory”)?

The Settings Folder (called “Working Directory” in v9 and before) is the folder where the QAP settings files (QuickAccessPopup.ini and QAP_Frequent.DB) are saved and updated.

Open the Settings folder

Normally, you would not need to open this folder. But if you want to backup its content or to move it to a new computer, you can open this folder by selecting File, Open QAP Settings Folder in the Customize window menu bar (under QAP v9 or earlier, right-click the QAP icon in the Notification zone and select Open QAP working directory).

Location of the Settings Folder if you installed QAP with Easy Setup installation (EXE file)

If you installed QAP using the “one-step installation” procedure using the EXE setup file, the Settings Folder is:

  • for new v10 installations: [user folder]\Documents\Quick Access Popup
    (for example, C:\Users\Jean\Documents\Quick Access Popup)
  • if you first installed QAP with v9 or earlier, the settings folder is
    [user folder]\AppData\Roaming\Quick Access Popup
    (for example, C:\Users\Jean\AppData\Roaming\Quick Access Popup).

With QAP v10 (or more recent), users with Easy Setup installation can change the Settings folder in Options, General tab. Select the new folder in the Settings Folder text box and click Save.

When saving the new location, QAP asks why you want to change the Settings Folder location.

  • If you want to copy your current settings to a new location and run QAP from this location in the future, select Copy.
  • If you want to use the setting already found in this new location when QAP will be restarted, click New. If this location does not contain QAP settings (namely, the quickaccesspopup.ini file), new settings files will be created in this folder.

In both cases, the settings files in the original (old) folder are not deleted. Remove them at your convenience after you completed the operation at your satisfaction.

Location of the Settings Folder if you are running in Portable mode (ZIP file)

If you preferred the portable installation, by default the Settings Folder is where the QuickAccessPopup.exe program is running.

In this type of installation, you can set a different Settings Folder by editing the QAP shortcut in the Startup folder (or create your own shortcut) and set the QAP Settings Folder directory in the Start in: field of the shortcut.

Alternatively, you could also set the Settings Folder using a the “/Working:” command-line parameter. For example:

C:\MyFolder\QuickAccessPopup.exe /Working:C:\MySettings

The “/Working:” parameter can be set at the command line, in a Windows file shortcut or in the current user registry Run key for Quick Access Popup.

This parameter has precedence on the Settings Folder value in the Options, General tab.

Note: If you only need to use QAP with an alternative settings file temporarily, see Can I load QAP with an alternative settings file?

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