Can I launch Alternative menu features keyboard shortcuts or directly from the regular popup menu?

Launch Alternative menu features directly from the menu

Alternative menu features are also available directly from the regular menu by using keyboard modifiers when clicking a favorite in the popup menu. These keyboards modifiers are by default :

  • Left Shift + Click:  Open in new window.
  • Left Control + Click: Copy a Favorite’s Path or URL.
  • Left Shift + Left Control + Click: Edit a Favorite.
  • Right Shift + Click:  Open the Containing Folder in the Current Window.
  • Right Control + Click: Open the Containing Folder in a New Window.
  • Right Shift + Right Control + Click: Run as administrator.

Note: Two Alternative menu features added in v11.5.7, Move the selected file to a favorite folder and Copy the selected file to a favorite folder, do not have default modifiers. To assign one the the modifiers to them, you must first one of the modifier by selecting None for another feature.

To continue our previous example where you want to edit a favorite, you could open the your QAP menu using the regular shortcut (by default Middle Mouse Button) and before clicking the favorite to edit, keep the Left Shift and Left Control keys pressed while clicking the favorite to edit.

The keyboard shortcuts opening the QAP menu for specific Alternative menu command and the keyboard modifiers for the Main menu can be changed in the OptionAlternative Menu Hotkeys section.

If you made changes in the modifiers dropdown list and want to return to the current modifiers, click the button Reset to saved modifiers on the bottom right of the window. If you wish to go back to the default modifiers settings, click the button Reset to default modifiers.

These keyboard modifiers can also be used in the Quick Launch search box. See Can I quickly search QAP to launch one of my favorites? for more details.

More info about these features: What are the Alternative menu features?