What are the Alternative menu features?

Alternative menu features are actions to be executed on one of the favorites in your QAP menu. After you click one of the options in the Alternative menu, the full QAP menu is displayed to let you choose on what favorite you want to execute the Alternative menu feature.

Alternative  menu triggers (mouse default is Shift+middle mouse button and keyboard default is Shift+Windows+W).

  • These triggers show the Alternative menu over any windows.
  • In the Alternative menu, you select the actions to apply to one of your favorite (see the list of Alternative menu features below).
  • Then, in the QAP menu, select the target favorite on which the Alternative menu feature will be executed.

Alternative menu features

The Alternative menu offers the following features:

  • Open in new window: open the favorite in a new window instead of changing the folder in the target window.
  • Edit a Favorite: change a favorite settings directly from the QAP menu (without having to open the Settings window).
  • Copy a Favorite's Path or URL: copy the file path or the URL of a favorite to your clipboard in order to paste it in any other window.
  • Run as administrator (starting with v8.1): run the application with administrator access (elevated privileges).
  • Open the Containing Folder in the Current Window (starting with v8.1.1): open in the current Explorer window the parent folder of the selected favorite document, application or folder.
  • Open the Containing Folder in a New Window (starting with v8.1.1): open the parent folder of the selected favorite in a new window (even if the menu is opened in an existing Explorer window or in a file dialog box).

Three Alternative menu features are also available directly from the regular menu by using keyboard modifiers when clicking a favorite in the popup menu:

  • Shift + Click:  Open in new window.
  • Control + Click: Copy a Favorite's Path or URL.
  • Shift + Control + Click: Edit a Favorite.



  • Helge

    Hi Jean,

    I was wondering if it would be possible to also run an action by directly clicking on a favorite? For instance by holding the shift key when I click on a favorite or e.g. by a right click on a favorite.


    • Hi Helge,

      This is possible right now. I just forgot to add it to the FAQ. Just added now (see last section).

      Thanks for asking.


      • Helge

        Thank you, Jean! This is really great as an easy to explain to other users technique of editing favourites!

  • Helge

    Hi Jean,

    when I tested the menu modifier keyboard commands I was wondering if you also had in mind to allow editing Submenu, Shared Menu and future Catalogue entries? It would be nice if one could also click on such entries with Shift + Control + Click to be able to edit them but I assume that the technical basis of QAP may not allow it.


    • From my tests, modifiers are ineffective in submenu menu entries. I think this is a Windows limitation.


      • Helge

        Thank you for your confirmation Jean. Another thing that just came to my mind and may actually have a chance to work and could be a nice enhancement:

        A key modifier in combination with a click on any any favorite would open the "Add favorite" dialog for this (sub)menu.

        I was also thinking of a key modifier which would let you edit the corresponding submenu or shared menu but this would lead to inconsistent usage scenarios when no favorite is available in the submenu.


        • I dont think I can add another modifier option. There are only 2 modifiers usable when clicking inside a menu: Shift and Ctrl. This gives only 3 combinations: Shift, Control and Shift + Control. In my tests, Alt closes the menu before you can click and Win is always opening after you clicked.

          • Helge

            Thank you Jean. Anyway I think using directly clickable items to add favorites seem to be the better overall approach (like I mentioned in my wishlist item which you just added).

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