Can I change the font, size, color or behavior of the QAP popup menu items?

Yes and no. QAP is building its menus using standard Windows commands. You can change menu fonts, size or color in Windows Control panel and this will change menus appearance in all applications using standard Windows menus. But you can't change only QAP menus font.

If you want to change the font size to reduce the space because you have many entries in your menu, you can change the size of menu icons, or even completely remove them. This will allow you to have more menu entries in the same space. Open the Menu tab of the Options window change the Menu icon size. Also, you can use sub-menus to group menu entries under a single entry.

The left menu has icons size of 48 pixels, the middle one has the default size 32 pixels and the right one has the smallest 16 pixels width.

For the same reason (because QAP is relying on standard Windows menus), QAP cannot do the followings:

  • Make some menu items bold: only one "default" item, like Settings in main menu, is displayed bold;
  • Decide on what side will popup a sub menu: this is determined by Windows depending if space is available on the right side of the menu (if not, the submenu will on on the left - I know, I hate this too...);
  • Have a Live folder submenu entry to be clickable to open the Live folder itself;
  • Trigger an action if you right-click on a menu item: it does nothing (but you could like these options: Can I launch Alternative menu features directly from the regular popup menu?)
  • Etc...

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