Can I repeat or reopen one of the last favorites I selected recently?

You can reopen a recently opened favorite in the Repeat Last Actions menu. If this menu is not already in your popup menu, add a new favorite of type QAP Feature (see What are the QAP features?).

If you select Repeat Last Action (singular), an item labeled Repeat Last Action is added to this menu and, when you select it, it reopen the last favorite you opened. The label of this feature is always Repeat Last Action. You have to remember what was the last action you selected.

If you select Repeat Last Actions (plural), a menu labeled Repeat Last Actions is shown containing the 10 most recent favorites that you launched. You can configure the number of items in this menu in the OptionsMenu Appearance tab.

Items in the Repeat Last Actions menu are sorted chronologically (most recent first). When an item is selected in the Repeat Last Actions menu, it is launched and its entry is moved to the top of the menu.

If a favorite is edited, the favorite in the Repeat Last Actions menu will remain unchanged. And if a favorite is removed, it will stay in the Repeat Last Actions menu until it is pushed out of the menu or until QAP is closed.