What is in the Clipboard menu?

The Clipboard menu in the My QAP Essentials menu reflects the content of you current Windows clipboard. If the clipboard contains URLs, documents, applications or folders file path, QAP shows this list in the menu, allowing you to open a document, launch an application or navigate to a folder found in the Windows Clipboard.

For example, if you select and copy a group of files in Windows Explorer, the list of file paths resides in the Windows clipboard. Quick Access Popup scans this content and adds the files that exists in your system to the Clipboard menu. You can also copy a list of files from a text editor (or any other source) and QAP will display these files in the menu (each line of text must contain a file name/path alone). Relative paths and environment variables are supported.

QAP also scans the Windows clipboard for URLs and displays them as Link entries in the Clipboard menu. In the case of URLs, an address can stands anywhere on a line of text copied to the Clipboard. However, if one line contains more than one URL, only the last one is included in the menu.

To avoid too long delay when refreshing the QAP menu, the Windows Clipboard is processed only if it contains 10 000 characters or less. This default size can be changed in Options, Menus Advanced Options.

If you open the Clipboard menu when the Windows clipboard contains no file or URL, it displays the message No path or URL in Clipboard. If the Clipboard is empty, it displays Clipboard is empty and if it is too large, it displays Clipboard too large to be processed.