Can I open a folder a on specific monitor of a multiple-display system?

Video Demo:

Users with dual-display or multi-monitor systems have full control on the location of the Windows Explorer windows displaying their favorite folders.

Enabling the multi-monitor option

By default, QAP let Windows decide where new Explorer windows are open. But you can control it by enabling the option On a multi-monitor system, always open the Explorer window on the active monitor under the File Managers tab of the Options dialog box. Make sure Windows Explorer is selected first (this option is not available for users of other file managers).


When this option is enabled, the new Explorer windows are open on the active monitor. The following screen capture shows a system that has two monitors. The active monitor is the one where the Middle Mouse Button (or another button if you configured it differently) was clicked to open the QAP menu. If you open the menu with the keyboard shortcut (Windows + W, by default), the active monitor is the one where is the active application (top most window).

Maximize a folder on the selected monitor

If, in the Add/Edit Favorite dialog box for a Folder favorite, you select a custom window position under the Window Options, and choose the Maximized window state, you can specify on which monitor the Explorer or Total Commander window for this favorite will be maximized. This is also available for favorites of types Special and FTP when Explorer or Total Commander is the active file manager (Directory Opus users should use DOpus Layouts instead).