[Wishlist] Support for the Run registry key instead of the Startup shortcut

“QuickAccessPopup”=”C:\\Program Files\\Quick Access Popup\\QuickAccessPopup.exe”

Notes in my personal email:

Update 2018-11-17

QAP will continue to use the Startup shortcut as primary way to autostart QAP because this allow users to set their own working directory using the “Start In” option in the Startup Shortcut. But, for users who prefer to use the Run registry key (that is not supported now because this method returns no working directory), QAP will support (when this item will be done) the new parameter “/Working:…” with the path to the working directory (e.g.: “/Working:C:\Quick Access Popup”).


Done in v9.3.1.1

Update 2019-10-03

QAP v10, when installed using the Easy Setup EXE file, now uses the Run registry key to memorize the startup option. The Startup shortcut is now only used if QAP was installed in portable mode with the ZIP file.