Freeware Donations - Why would you support my freeware?

Quick Access Popup is licensed for free, but...

  • Software distribution incurs certain costs such as server location or bandwidth. The more successful the apps become, the higher these costs can grow.
  • Using images for personal use is generally free. But using nice copyrighted icons in a distributed product requires paying licence fees.
  • Software certificates help distributing a software safely and keeping users confident. But this leads to more recurrent costs.

Repeated donations for continuous support and improvements

Isn't using Quick Access Popup one month worth a coffee?
Support QAP development with monthly donations using your credit card or Paypal secured platform.

One-time donations

PayPal or credit cards support
Donation are processed by Paypal - the safe and easy way to transfer money online!

You can donate using any major credit card, by bank transfer or from your PayPal account. You do not need a PayPal account to donate as they can process your credit card without any need for an account. For your security all processing is handled off-site using PayPal's high security servers. No credit card or other sensitive information is held on our site.

You can also send me some bitcoins at: 3EZBHmraVxgF4eRmoKphJGTBKckDHXRko7.
Why support freeware?

  • This app makes you save time or money and you want to return a fraction of these savings to the developer.
  • Or simply because you value the idea of free software!


Thank you for your support.

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  • One of my favourites is Quick access popup, i used from in the beginning and its stay's on my pc. I will donate but dont have pay pall is there a other way.

    Keep up the good work

    • Hi Rudi,

      Thanks you for your good words 🙂

      You know that you can pay on the Paypal site using a credit card (without having to create a Paypal account).

      But if you prefer you can send me a check. I'll send you my address by email.

      Thanks again,


    • Paypal credit card donation received. Thank you Rudi 🙂

      • Marcel Moncayo

        hola no te conozco hasta hoy que estoy habriendo esta aplicacion queria saber una cosa soy marcel moncayo vivo en venezuela esas donaciones no habria problemas de hacerlas mensual pero a medida que uno empiece a ganar y la otra yo no tengo cuenta de paypal la perdi quizas tengo muchos años que no la movilizo

  • Janusz Rejniak

    Quick Access Popup is a must! I use it daily and to be honest I do not imagine how to operate without it.
    Great, relly great addition. Especialy when I work with a lot of projects (I am graphics designer).
    Thank you for your amazing gift - Quick Access Popup!

  • BJ

    Does donating remove the "Support Freeware" in the popup menu? I know that there is usually a notification on the startup of windows, but I was not sure if it handled that as well.

    • Hi BJ,

      Yes, it does. It also remove the donation button in the Settings window. The only donation related item remaining in the "Support Freeware" item hidden in the QAP "system" menu (right-click on the Notification zone icon).

      When I receive a donation, I send the removing instructions by email normally within 24 hours.


  • Liechti Joël

    Hello I really love your tool ! May i have a free code ? I commented on your post and mostly will recommand your software to all my friends !
    Thanks for your great work !!

    • Thank you for your good words. Yes, I will send it to you at the email address you entered with this comment.


      • Marcel Moncayo

        ahora si me hace el favor para comenzar mientras aprendo claro a como trabajar aca y me envias un codigo o trabajo mientras gratis al menos mientras hago mi primeros dolares o euros o dolar canadience pues no estaria mal

  • Ethan


    Just wanted to say your application shows real programming skills, unlike so many these days. I use it many times a day and it really has become part of the way I use my PC.

    Thanks a lot for your great work.

  • Stephen A. Cruser

    Love your QAP software. I posted a favorable comment on Softpedia this afternoon. Keep up the good work. I was wondering whether the comment would allow me to receive the code to remove the "support"? If so, great; if not, it is still a wonderful piece of software.

  • Mohamed Farook

    Hi Jean! Assalamu alaikum. One of the most essential and most helpful software in the globe! This is what Microsoft should have done!!! This world needs persons like you. 🙂

  • McCree Lake

    Hi - I made a donation several weeks ago but never received a code to deactivate the notices within the app.

    • Hi. Sometimes, QAP is victim of some agressive spam filters. Let me check when I’m back home. In the mean time, you can email me at

    • Hi again. I must apologize. I usually send this info within 24-hour. But I missed yours. I just sent it a minute ago. Sorry about that. Please confirm when you read it.

  • If your email do not reach you because of some spam filter and if you have a Facebook account, you can use Facebook Messenger and send me a private message at:

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Please use the new QAP Support Google Group to ask questions or post comments.