Why does dialog boxes sometimes refuse to change folder?


First, make sure the change folder in dialog box option is enabled. See: Can I change folders in file dialog boxes (Open, Save As, etc.)?

There seems to be an intermittent issue noted in Firefox (and possibly other apps) that interrupt the change folder action initiated by QAP.

Normally, QAP introduces a 100 ms delay at a given step when changing folder in dialog boxes. Making this delay longer may help. In my tests, it increased success rate in Firefox dialog boxes (without resolving the issue completely, unfortunately).

To change this delay, select Options, Various Advanced Options and update the value as shown below. 100 is the default value (in milliseconds). Increase it to 200 (or more) to see how it improves changing folders in Firefox or other apps.


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  • frew


    Once in a while, (but rarely) I have to click on a favorite twice rather than once
    while at a dialog box in order to get to the desired folder.

    Is there still a way to experiment with delay times with

    I don’t see this line in the QuickAccessPopup.ini

    Just wondering how to add a little more delay at the dialog boxes.

    Thanks for any ideas.

  • frew

    Okay, thanks.

    I added it and so far seems single clicks work great.

    By the way, Windows 10

    I don’t mind setting it to 250ms


    Kind of fun to see QAP do it’s work with
    slowed down just a little bit.

    Thank you very much for providing the option to adjust this.


  • @frew: My pleasure.

    @All users: I would not augment the default value (100 ms) for all apps if it is only specific to a few apps. But let me know it is becomes more frequent, I could augment it.

    • frew

      Just curious now, is there a way to augment it for only certain apps, while leaving the Global default at 100ms?

      • This would enter in the category “Everything is feasible…”, it depends how much programming time it is worth 😉

        In this case, much programming both on the front-end to collect and save user preferences, and in the back-end to apply these preferences. I would not go there at this time.

        But thanks for being curious 🙂

  • frew

    I see, makes sense. Thank you for your insights.
    Enjoying QAP.

Please use the new QAP Support Forum to ask questions or post comments.