Why some buttons or icons are not displayed correctly in the Customize window?

This is probably because you enabled screen scaling (under Windows 10 Settings, Ease of Access, Display) as most users with an High-DPI (HDPI) displays (like Surface Book) do. This can cause two issues.

First, with QAP versions before v11.5.3, some buttons intended to be centered were shifted to the right of the window and could overlap with other components of the window. This has been fixed with QAP v11.5.3.

The other issue is that icons on QAP windows are not scaled and look smaller than on screens with regular DPI. See this example (taken from an old QAP version but this has not changed since): on the left, the Customize window on a standard desktop PC and, on the right, the same window on a Surface Book.

To solve it, you can set a Windows compatibility option to fix the high DPI scaling behavior. This may affect the quality of your display and you could prefer to keep the small buttons. Here is how you can try this setting:

  1. Find the Quick Access Popup executable file (normally in C:\Program Files\Quick Access Popup).
  2. Right-click the QuickAccessPopup.exe executable icon in Windows Explorer.
  3. Select Properties, then Compatibility, then Change high DPI settings.
  4. In the new dialog box, check Override high DPI scaling behavior and select System (Enhanced) or System from the dropdown list. Choose the option that gives the best results on your screen.
  5. It is recommended to reboot the computer in order to enforce the change and clear out older settings or window displays.

Labels or options can vary depending on your Windows 10 version. Thanks to QAP user Jörg Giencke, you can use this tip from brianapps (the developer of Sizer 4.0).