What’s the simplest way to install Quick Access Popup?

Here is the easy installation procedure:

  1. If you do not already have the QAP Easy Setup file, download it.
  2. Execute the file quickaccesspopup-setup.exe and just follow the setup instructions.

For more explanations, see the Easy Setup installation tutorial video.


Saving your QAP license

When you will launch Quick Access Popup v11.2 (or more recent) for the first time, it will show you the Quick Access Popup Free Edition dialog box with information about the limitations of the Free Edition.

To save your license, click OK and, in the Customize window, select the Help, Manage your license menu.

In the Manage your license dialog box, select Save your license code. Follow the instructions in this page: How do I setup or manage my QAP license?

If you do not have your license, select Get a new license and you will be taken to the Quick Access Popup Shop where you can get a license for a modest cost and and take full advantage of QAP’s features.



Enjoy !

QAP 101: What should I know about Quick Access Popup before I start using it?

Antivirus false alerts

If you get a virus or malware alert from your anti-virus or protection software about Quick Access Popup being a potential threat, this is not the case (you can trust me… or read this setup file anti-virus report by VirusTotal.com). Please, also read this post: How can I use QAP if an anti-virus is blocking its download or its execution?

You prefer a portable installation?

If you prefer to use Quick Access Popup in “portable” mode, read this: How can I install Quick Access Popup to make it fully portable? This will, for example, allow you to run Quick Access Popup from an external drive or USB key.

You are a system administrator?

System administrators who install QAP for another end-users, please read this: Are administrator rights required to install QAP?

Please use the new QAP Support Forum to ask questions or post comments.