What’s new in version 8.7?

Here is a summary of changes in version 8.7.

Repeat Last Actions

You can now reopen a recently opened favorite in the Repeat Last Actions menu. If this menu is not already in your popup menu, add this new QAP Feature favorite.

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Recent Files

The new Recent Files menu lists the recent documents memorized by Windows.

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Attached Drives and Recent items menus

You now have the option to display the Drives, Recent Folders and Recent Files menus as part of the QAP popup menu, as normal “attached” submenus (as illustrated in the previous screen capture).

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Russian Keyboards

In previous versions, launching QAP on a system with Russian keyboard was giving error messages and configuration issues making the app unusable. Starting with this version, changes has been made to QAP code when running with Russian keyboard.

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PowerShell support

Sysadmin love it! You can use QAP to change folder in the Windows Console (CMD command line utility) since its very first version. But now, you can also popup the QAP menu over the newer PowerShell application to change to a favorite folder in a snap.

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Ghost Settings window

Each time you exit Quick Access Popup, the position of the application is saved in the settings file and restored the next time you launch it. The most probable explanation for the Settings window to “disappear” is that you changed your screen configuration and the last position of the Settings window is now not visible on your current screen(s) configuration.

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