What’s new in Quick Access Popup v8.6?

Here is a summary of changes in version 8.6.

Add This Link

The QAP Feature Add This Folder has been renamed Add this Folder or Link and now detects URL locations in browsers as well as folder locations in supported file managers. When adding a link, QAP retrieves the web page title automatically as default favorite name. Also, when adding or editing a favorite link, a button allows to retrieve the page title from the web page.

Copy Multiple Favorites

You can now copy multiple favorites to any other menu. You can copy any type of favorite, except menus and groups.

Text Separators

A new favorite type Text Separator allows to insert text entries as headers or sub-headers in the QAP menu. Selecting these entries in the menu has no effect.

A new “T” icon in the left column of Settings window can be clicked to add Text Separators.

By default, Text Separators have no icon but you can add icons to separators in the Menu Options tab.

Favorites Icon management

Favorites may now have no icons. In Add/Edit favorite dialog box Menu Options tab, a new link labeled no icon selects the “no icon pseudo-icon” (the “forbidden” sign with a diagonal bar). This could allow you to create more compact submenus.

Unicode conversion of Settings file

QAP now save its settings (QuickAccessPopup.ini) with Unicode encoding, allowing more international and special characters to be saved in favorites location, snippets content or favorites names. QAP still supports existing settings file saved in ANSI encoding but it offers to do the conversion when QAP is loaded. If settings file is encoded in ANSI, QAP displays a dialog box offering the user to:

  1. convert its settings file to Unicode encoding (for better int’l and special characters support);
  2. not convert (value DoNotConvertSettingsToUnicode=1 is added to settings to remember this choice);
  3. or ask again at next startup.

This FAQ web page provides more explanation and help.

Please use the new QAP Support Forum to ask questions or post comments.