What is the “In the Works” menu and its “Frequent”, “Recent” and “Current Windows” menus?

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The In the Works menu is built automatically by Quick Access Popup to give you an easy access to the contents you most probably need because you use them…

  • frequently (Frequent Folders and Frequent Files);
  • recently (Recent Folders and Recent Files);
  • or currently (Current Windows).

Chances are high that the content you need to work NOW is already in one of these submenus.

Privacy Statement
The data in the Quick Access Popup database is collected and stored locally, solely to build dynamic menus and increase performance. This data resides ONLY on your system and NO information is transmitted to a remote server.

To build the Frequent Items menus, QAP is maintaining a local and private database that remembers the folders and files you used in the last days. Before going further, for those concerned with privacy, see my statement in the box beside.

If you prefer not having QAP collect this data, you can go to the Database options to turn this feature off, flush its content or control its behavior.

Frequent Folders and Frequent Files

The Frequent Folders and Frequent Files menus contain by order of frequency the ten folders or ten documents you opened most frequently in the last days. In your first hours or days of usage of QAP, these menus may not be full or may not reflect your most often used content. But, they will improve quickly as you use QAP. 




Frequent Files – Click to enlarge

You can change the number of items in these menus in Options, Menu Appearance tab. Set the Number of items in menus under Frequent Items and Recent Items Menus. You can also see how QAP discovers your most frequently used folders and file and set various parameters here: How can I control how the Frequent Items Database works?

Recent Folders and Recent Files

The Recent folders and Recent files menus list the recent places or documents memorized by Windows. You can find more information here: From where comes the content of the Recent folders and Recent files menus?

Recent Files – Click to enlarge

Recent Folders – Click to enlarge

Current Windows

The last item of the In the Works menu shows all the folders and windows open on your system. You can can find more information here: How is built the Current Windows menu?

Edit the In the Works menu

The In the works menu was added automatically at the top of your main menu when you launched QAP. Using the Customize window, you will be able, if you wish, to rename this menu, move it or break up its content in other submenus. See how to open the Customize window and how to use it to customize your menu.

Excluding folders or files from the Frequent and Recent menus

You can select folders or files to exclude from these menus. See: Can I filter out items in Current Windows, Recent or Frequent menus?